Artistry Under the Influence


Awesome job @Myfriendis410


Wow, what a tribute!


I’m going to miss him. He’s become a really dear friend. Our plans for retirement revolve around moving to be close to them.


A little fat boy slim type vibe


Looks great. The corners get dark and the small pieces might be in a shadow. Maybe swap them.


They have to go in a certain order. Airman Basic on the upper left, right side are field grade and staff rank and the center are his general’s stars. As it will be hung on the wall it will be properly illuminated.


Gawd damn…your sense of rhythm is great, even with the electronic stuff. I would inject WD40 into my rusted fingers in order to play bass with you, what a musical challenge that would be!


Please, Alan, tell us some more about this person who you so lovingly made this for…an officer? A fellow soldier? A dear friend? All three?


My closest friend and is retiring as a lieutenant general (3 stars) of the Air Force. He was, or is, responsible for about 50 installations around the country. Anything to do with space or cyber. It was a surprise that he was stationed here for his last duty. It’s been good.


a remake of “American Girl” by Tom Petty

@Willd I drew the midi of all instruments and edited a few premade drum fills


A little sample of my latest messing around for you rockers

@Screwauger @North_East_Newbie @Countryboyjvd1971 @daz49 @garrigan65 @Hogmaster


Love the title hahaha sounds like the ending, duh nuh nun! @Willd


OK so here’s another one I put together in a few hours this morning. Again these are juset scratchpad ideas I have constanly coming into my head. I’m really getting more comfortable with the jazz drumming in spite of the fact there are no brushes in the iPad touch kit.

It’s dedicated to my favorite frozen treat

It’s not a magnum @daz49 but they’re pretty darn good.


Probably tasty, but unless you wanna send me one I’ll have to take your word for it you tease mr @Willd lol and you can’t use them for stem splitting when your finished lol


One of the congos is getting quantized a little late


That would be because it’s turned off.
I try my best to avoid any digital “help” that affects the mechanics in an effort to improve my internal meter. Leaves that little bit of slop to maintain a less “programmed” sound.

These multi track recordings are just for scratch padding all the little grooves and riffs I hear in my head to make them go away. It’s strictly a means of catharsis. Sometimes I work on part and pieces and have it turn out that I’m actually just covering something I heard on the jazz radio or any of the hundreds of thousands of songs I’ve heard over my lifetime.
I really like using the iOS version of garage band better since the metronome is SO much louder
I recorded the conga track on the OS X version with the much quieter metronome using my Carbon 49 controller.


I put a compressor on my metronome in Logic Pro it’s called a klogenspiel or something


Thanks to some 0% holiday financing offers, I was able to pick up a much coveted Fender Mustang bass and and 300W Ashdown combo amp with 2x10 speaker config. Now on to my next obsession!


geez,i bet the house will be bumping tonight!
nice set-up!


Good afternoon, art lovers. Not only have the Old Masters influenced my art, but also modern music. A good text can bring on some cool ideas, such as;

I get sad when the bottle’s empty:wink: