Artistry Under the Influence


You caught that very well. I can’t draw a straight line but I’m fond of all art. Yours is definitely Gallery quality :clap:t2::heart:



the rosella i did along time ago an the the other is my first go at a landscape shading picture in the last 2 years,it was a picture of the grand canyon in color,has taken me a while to scrub without any marks or blemishes but i love doing it if i get a shpere like this i’m happy, lol my other baby is this beast which i have daily for years now an always do both medicated :slight_smile:!


That’s okay, sometimes I have trouble walking a straight line😉, luckily I don’t have to draw with my feet.


That’s some good work! At first glance I thought the bird was a photo, what medium did you use? And the grand canyon drawing is super. Isn’t all that smearing fun?


Now that’s funny :joy:. My first read of the day and I’m going to use it as my “good thing” for today! Yesterday it was an awesome little cat.


Glad I did a good thing I did for someone today, makes up for calling the jerk who nearly ran me over crossing the street a motherf*er yesterday.


I can’t believe I’m out of likes and just got here :rage:. Between pain, stress & depression I’m trying to see, find, hear, etc. at least one thing a day good to focus on. A beautiful Monarch Butterfly :butterfly:, something someone says or does, music :notes:, whatever. Sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that gives us a little peace for a little while :blush:
However, if some jerk tried to run me over I probably would have said the same thing :rofl: along with shooting him a bird!!!


I should have shot him a moon, he would have smashed up his car in a ball of flames from the shock and disgust.


Now heading to the bathroom and change my dependos :rofl:


@DieHigh55 that was pastel color crayons on black,way back in 1996 australian rosella :slight_smile:


This what I’ve been cooking up in Garage Band for iOS for the past week or so.

The drums are all native Apple loops but the synthetic bass, fake guitars and strategic placement of some filter and delay FX are all me.


That’s a pretty rad sound @willd
Should’ve rolled up be4 I listened


Awesome :clap:t2: You got my head bobbing and my foot tapping :heart:


This a rather pleasent mind fork. Love how the middle changes from guitar to computer programming and than goes back to some Carlos Santana before abruptly…


Here’s some nice pure acoustic music. No blips, no beeps. just raw feeling.
Always amazed when Scandinavians do a better job composing and performing American sounding folk music than the Americans who inspired them in the first place.


I really like this Brit, Laura Marling, too.
Part Joni Mitchel part Joan Armatrading part Chrissie Hynde


@Willd nice 1 :slight_smile: almost sounds like the old band in a box program,is hard to find much that’s free an great studio quality,studio 12 had a demo you can use an record,it has alot of beats an stuff,love this sorta jamming,audacity is another free 1 aswell keep it up mate :slight_smile:


thanks this thread looks messed up now. it’s no longer on chronological order or something
This is what 4 hours down the GarageBand rabbit hole yielded today
I recorded all the instruments here even the drum loops


Here’s the shadowbox I’ve been working on all month.

I took this shot without the glass in it. @DieHigh55


That is so awesome. I can see the love & pride of your work. I’m sure he’s going to appreciate it beyond words. :clap:t2::heart:️:+1: