Artistry Under the Influence


Man, that is some talent you have.


You could frame and charge $200 for each. Easily.
Greed has nothing to do with it!


Would YOU pay $200 for one? Than that’s what I’ll charge.:wink:


Thank you very much👍


@DieHigh55 sorry for slow reply buddy
Thanks buddy will be looking into getting a print for Wifey as a Xmas gift she’ll love it and I love the fact I know the artist Woohoo :raised_hands: lol
Much appreciated brother


And your appreciation is doubly appreciated, brother, thank you!:v:


Good afternoon growers, smokers and other creatures from the Enchanted Forest. Todays artistic offering is just finished, in fact the shine is from the wet oil. Immah worked as a volunteer waitress in a restaurant we hang out at, and was very kind and BRAVE to pose for me. Hence, for your viewing pleasure…“Meisje Met Een Parel (Girl with a Pearl) 2017”


Absolutely awesome! @DieHigh55 Mad Mad Mad SKILLS!


Thanks thanks thanks!


I like your stuff. Looks like Dutch Master’s trained you.


I got most of my influence from them. The first time I saw the real Girl with a Pearl was in Den Haag in Holland. You go through this museum of incredible Renaissance art, 4 stories I think, and the last floor you walk into a room and there she is…very small, badly damaged and beautiful. I couldn’t help it, I started crying.


That’s the truth!!!I


Made these for a wedding gift while medicated lol


Very cool :metal::+1::clap:


@daddy and also this



Those came out pretty cool.


@DieHigh55 very nice charcoal mate,have been learning to scrub an shade the last couple years,to get to a standard like yours 1day hopefully,amazing work,i’m still on the basics but love it all,great thread @wild tk u :slight_smile:


Thanks for your kind words. I’m completely self taught, meaning, if I can, anybody can and probably better too. Show us something you’ve done. In appreciation for your compliment, today’s humble offering is in your honor.

Maude Fealy, silent film actress and playwright


@DieHigh55 absolutely amazing! :heart:


Thank you. Maude is one of my favorites, she had a natural incredible haunting beauty.