Artistry Under the Influence


Just abandoned something I’d spent about an hour on after realizing it’s the exact same progression as Don Henley’s Dirty Laundry. :face_vomiting:

And now that I have THAT stuck in my head definitely time to find the new Oldfield material!!!


Yeah be careful with those sounds you hear in your head, you might end up being sued like George Harrison was. Enjoy the tunes!


That’s so funny @Willd, I had that song stuck in my head today, too.


OK Here’s one that doesn’t sound enough like any of my influences to say it’s original… ha ha ha


Stumbled onto my YouTube stats this morning to find this.
Thanks to all the people who click to hear what makes me tick


Music makes me tick, too. I appreciate and enjoy all your creations! I am guitar amp-less at the moment, so I haven’t been playing much, but I can’t go without music for more than a couple hours lol


@Willd yeahhhhh,i was singing along an then you started lol,love this tune,probly my fav,:slight_smile: great start to the new year


So it’s almost the end of January 2019. Wow does the time ever fly!!
Two weeks have passed since I’ve had any themes worth sharing so here it is.


So this one came to me today in pretty quick order.
yay. Vaping my own home made oil from rosin makes for a nice influence.


Nice groove to the bass line! Love it :+1:


Thanks man. Barring any unforeseen musings hitting me before the end of the day it appears I was only able to come up with 10 this month.


That’s ten more than I came up with this month :slight_smile:

#919 oldie but a goodie,if you havn’t heard jill scott here she is :slight_smile: enjoy



I’ve been pretty lax creating new music and posting to youtube and linking here. I’ll get to it.
Work is busier than ever and I’m back at a new grow for 2019 so time is tight.


@Willd hey mate nice pic :slight_smile: was looking around the site for what people use for outdoor flowering stages and what they use for their P and K and when they added ?There wasn’t to much on it,i know you have done outdoor and wondered what you might have used other than seaweed kelp and sulphate potash for potassium and blood an bone or meal or compost for phosphorus or just an all in 1 like a 20-20-20,just curious as to what different people used :slight_smile: