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I play everything using my Korg nano-key keyboard except the bass & guitar. Those are real stringed instruments. All the virtual instruments are either native to Garage Band or part of the Korg Gadget plug-ins
Garage Band has 20 different acoustic drum kits, 20 different drum machines. 3 types of percussion loaded with hand percussion instruments.
Countless keyboard, woodwind, brass, strings, world choices come with the Korg Gadget. Synths, Bass, wobble, piano, literally over 1000 different instruments in total. All kind of effects. Phase, delay, compression, chorus, fuzz, wah, etc…I use a voice called sax&trumpet a lot and baritone sax
Really like melotron & vibes too.
I’m gonna open the New Year with a new playlist of my older stuff before I had all these synths & Garage Band and used real multi-track recording or loop pedals. I’ve been producing my own music for over 30 years.
I’d also like to learn how to use & master Ableton live to be able to perform this stuff in a live setting by the end of 2019 and try to book some gigs.


@Willd nice,when i saw my first electric saxaphone i thought the guy had a recorder until he played it,was a great instrument to see an hear,sort of a mind freak(chris angel) :slight_smile:


this is what i try to play,workin on it for a while,long 1 srry, enjoy :slight_smile:


Loving all your tunes, @Willd! Keep it up :+1:

#891 cmon santa i want a good prezzy this year, :slight_smile: early merry xmas all xxoo


Here’s the latest output from the highbush studios


how’s the weather up there?


Love it @Willd

The KB is awesome!!!

121418 also sweet. I just let them play on auto and if I wasn’t aware, I would think I had my radio tuned to the best station around. Jazz, rock fusion, new wave and electronica!!!


I agree with @Screwauger…always good stuff @Willd :+1: Keep them coming!:v:


Thanks a Million


It’s been a while since I posted any new material, but that’s not because I haven’t been producing any. I’ve just been busy.
This link starts with four new ones including one from this morning.


@Willd happy new year mate,tks for all the tunes,no1 rocks on here like you,rock on man happy new year again :slight_smile:


Thanks Mate! Same to you and yours.


Here is the latest. It’s a tribute to MrsWillD, who I dig more than the lyrics could ever convey


Another for January


Hey everyone!
Having some writers block so I figured I’d dig up some of my older stuff c.1995-2015
Some is my original multi-instrumental with drums. Some is just guitar and loop pedal.

Some is with bands I was a member of from 2010-2011.“The Headcutters” and “Tony Jones & the Cretin 3”. Those songs are not my own work except for most of the lead guitar and minimal backing vocals.

There’s maybe 3-4 dozen. I’ll keep adding as I revisit the rest of them


“We need a flag to rally behind. A symbol. A symbol of hope.” – Leia Organa. .
I was in a blizzful haze enjoying some Skywalker OG when I was inspired. The cannabis movement is among us. Yes, it has been slow and stagnant for decades, but here we are. We are in the heart of it now. Voices are being heard. Research is being shared. People are rallying together. Souls are being moved. Individuals of all ages and backgrounds are being educated. Lives are being saved. What we need to never let die, now more than ever, is hope. .
I created the cannabis starbird insignia after reflecting on the tools I would need in order to fulfill my own contributions to this movement; a movement I believe in with every fiber of my being. What I needed, what we all need, is hope. In my moments of meditation, I saw this symbol in my mind’s eye. I stayed up until the early hours of the morning until I was satisfied. .

This insignia means a great deal to me. A creation of love. A creation of HOPE.


Writers block is easing.
Here’s a new one, done in a single sitting this morning

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31

Since you’re a guitar hero and musical afficiando, have you heard the latest Oldfield. .“Return to Ommadawn”? The greatest one man guitar orchestra, after punishing us with years of aural shite, has returned to his “youth” and created music of incredible beauty with a few freaky hints to the original. I’d love to turn…you…on.


I’ll have to have a listen. Thanks.