Artistry Under the Influence


Hey everyone it’s snowing here again.
Today’s effort is short and sweet. Mostly keys with a little guitar, bass and drums


So it’s colder than a witches undercarriage and guests are asleep so I made this on in headphones. Keys, Bass and drums. I have the luxury of my wife off this weekend! Woo Hoo!


Playing the clown and laying another one down.
Happy Sunday


Love it. Keep em coming. You have an ear for music.

#870 :slight_smile:


Here’s my burnt offering for Tuesday. I started this a couple of days ago


Freakin awesome @Willd


Here’s a new one for today. Sounds like some other one but it’s not.


i wish my uber driver sung like this everytime, :slight_smile:


@Willd nice keyboard man, on 121218 lovin it :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the nice comments. Doing this every morning or as often as I can is one of the things that keeps me sane.
Here’s another one I started yesterday.


@Willd really like this starting riff,tks again mate,:slight_smile:



#880 have been playin this 1 this week 1 of my favs ,an tryin to keep up, :slight_smile:


@BIGE keep em commin,right up my alley,rock on,:slight_smile:



TGIF folks!
Came up with this one this morning.


@BIGE are you sure i don’t know you,lol love this song mate,great chrissy song if your having a baked chook for xmas day,or rooster we will call him.:slight_smile: i bags the leg mother truckers :slight_smile:


@Willd yeah mate great riffs,glad you finally broke out,want to hear this sorta stuff everyday now haaaa,are you playing the sax?:slight_smile: