Artistry Under the Influence

#845 :slight_smile: enjoy


Ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls, and children of all ages… It’s Smokin Tokin’ Tuesday and I have a new tune. We’re up to 60 now! I never knew I had it in me


I got sucked into Garage Band Way early this morning but… it paid off!


Thmokin’ Tokin’ Thursday again.
This one is short and sweet.
It sounds very earthly until you realize the “moon rise” your watching far off in the distance is actually Earth, from some unknown extraterrestrial paradise.


@Willd: Or is this the kind of artwork you were talking about?

Mary Miles Minter, silent film actress


She’s lovely.You capture her nicely


Wow @DieHigh55, that’s awesome!!!


Frhighday People!
Time for another new tune!

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

Freakin Love it @Willd


Thanks buddy


@Willd hey mate,was trying to convert a music or mpeg file from my phone but says need to convert to a jpeg to post on here,aren’t jpeg pictures,i tried converting but still can’t load anything up,which program do you use to convert files from mpeg to jpeg.? if at all :slight_smile: of coarse it’s not simple like just upload your song from your phone,dang might have to ask 1 of the kids,lol,


I upload them to YouTube then post a link. Tunestotube is the site to upload mp3 to YouTube.


Great topic.
I create music under the influence.
Is there any other way?
I don’t think so.
Marijuana is the fuel for a creative mind.
It allows a person a ‘space’ to create in…and if that creatively gifted person has the space to move in,
it’s a bonanza because the person can then FOCUS.
The Beatles…The Rolling Stones…it is impossible to imagine what the sum of all there music would be if
someone took all the drugs away. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This is my latest piece on


@Willd honestly have never had a problem uploading with diff formats,is the first time iv’e ran into a snag,have tried different converting programs but still nothing for free,will work it out sooner or later,it says it has to be a jpeg to upload onto this site,even if it’s thru a music program like audacity.mp3 seemed standard to me an is what i tried first,o well back to the drawing board,i tried posting on youtube aswell,same story,i think might be my phone settings :slight_smile:


Tunestotube is what I use to upload to YouTube. Then I just put the link in my post.


Music for a Monday.
I started this one yesterday and finished it a few minutes ago


I really dig the percussion of those brushes on the cymbals and drums. Real nice jazz and blues feel to it. Greatness as always @Willd


Thanks Brother. I don’t about that mutt. looks like he’s suffering something terrible and maybe should be put down for his own comfort! ha ha ha Not. What a dog!


Here we are today with 65 original tunes from the highbush studios in the past year and a half or so.


Happy Thursday Morning tune endorsing and encouraging the widespread use and enjoyment of Ganja whether medicinally, ceremonially or recreationally.