Artistry Under the Influence


i remember picking this until the cows came home…lol


ok track 1 is now the 50th number on this list


@BIGE yeeee hawwwww, :slight_smile: rock on

#828 :slight_smile:


On a roll to start off the month.


And here’s another for November


am moving yeahhhh to down under,lol :slight_smile: rock on guys :slight_smile:


I’ve got a couple others in the works I started before this one but this one finished first.


Here we go again.
Kinda of beginning to sound a little formulaic lately.
I apologize. I’m trying to diversify, honest I am.
I messed up the timing of that last track but managed to fix it with some production tricks


@Willd the baseline in 418 is better than the riff,lol,nice 1 man,rock on tks for sharing again :slight_smile: reminds me off cool an the gang baselines a little lol :slight_smile:


Love this @Willd


Hey all-
Here’s a new one. I apologize for the keyboard bass but MrsWillD is sleeping.

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

Awesome Mr. @Willd


2’fer Sunday November 18th


Xylophone is awesome @Willd love this


It’s been a few days so here’s the latest release.


Thanksgiving offering



Thanks for all the likes. Here’s a new one in appreciation


I love it. I just turn it up and let it jam while working in my grow room. Thank you as always.


Groovy!! @Willd