Artistry Under the Influence


Another rhythmic riff inspired this one to start another day


@Willd yee haww this it right up my alley,nice work mate :slight_smile: ,are you using qbase? or somthing newer rock on mate :slight_smile:


GarageBand on my Mac. Nearly 15 years of supporting Windows PCs I was never able to get MIDI or guitar inputs to work despite numerous attempts.
The first time I attempted to plug-in instrument into a MacBook Pro provided by my current employer back in 2010 it just worked.
During that 15 year timeframe I used a couple of different multi track recording devices including Boss & Tascam 8 tracks with lots of buttons and tiny led display.
I’ll post some of that stuff to my play list. Most of it is from a period in the mid-late 90s.
I have a bunch of solo acoustic stuff with and without the use of a loop pedal from the period between the late 90s and when I started using GarageBand I can post as well.


Something new added today. I’d play variations on that theme with that rhythm all day but I won’t bore y’all with that kind of self indulgence.


@Willd well it sounds great for those programs,as old as they are,you can still jam at home which is awesome,an like me i’m a miser so i wont pay for something new as most programs want the whole nine yards,i.e account,subsciption or a purchase.but then again depends on what you want, i spose,nice work again mate,tks for sharing :slight_smile: my trouble was finding a good mic that wasn’t like 200 dollars. rock on


As promised here;


Been a while since I came up with anything so here it is


does anyone know the gauge of the rail tracks in there state?:slight_smile: like the distance from inside to inside of the track :slight_smile: my own artistry here

#808 is all the info you want about railroads in Maine, USA.


Ok so here I go again with the weird beats and instrumentation. 46 tunes in the playlist as of today.


More weird beats and instrumentation. Enjoy


you are putting out the tunes today!
i’ve got a fever and the only cure is more cowbell and horns! lol
i enjoyed the horns on the first tract.


Thanks Mr. @BIGE


Here’s number 48 fresh off the solid state hard drive of my iMac!


@Willd nice info on the tracks in your state,is exactly the same gauge as here on the straights,1435 cm…some great reading there to,tks again for that site :slight_smile:

#815 why is there not more versions of this on guitar,anyway this guy gives it a good go,enjoy :slight_smile:


Wow. Have to say it’s a first for me hearing Chopin played on an instrument other than a piano.
I would guess the level of difficulty makes it prohibitive to perform without immersive practice and a natural talent for music.


@Willd yeah i rekon,is playing piano on guitar,i’m the same,havn’t found many versions of alot of songs on guitar,an he is a young wippa snapper to,good on him,i liked the second song today 110118a the rock 1,basline was great.was ripping a sick lead to it earlier today,hee hee,rock on :slight_smile:

#820 my latest artistry,have never caught 1 this long but still a tubes a tube if you know what i mean,enjoy :slight_smile: an then the inside view of the sickness enjoy :slight_smile:


Track 1 is new from something I started a few days old. More info about the instrumentation in the YT description.