Artistry Under the Influence


Yes, it’s can be replaced if it breaks.


I wish I could! He always treated me well and fairly. He never forgot his roots and family was important to him. I miss him.


Those are some great drawings @DieHigh55 . Love Tyrion Lannister err Tyrion Targaryen… LOL, or whose son is he?


Shhhhhhhh! Don’t give anything away!


Hmmmmm :thinking: not sure how to take that…



This used to be me. I’ve worked hard to overcome negative thinking and general discontent. I can still slip back into it when exposed so I do my best to avoid it. I chose happiness :wink:


@DieHigh55 hit me with that link it’s cool no worries as long as it’s not a competitor site there’s absolutely no issue brother
I double checked on this it cool :sunglasses:


Actually, you can get the same buzz (notice the coded language so no one will understand) by googling Fine Art America…a blazing bong will appear, which is disguised as a magnifying glass, meaning, search. Type in…Sour Monkey Sweat Genghis Khan Skunk Skank, which is the name I go by when I am trying to impress people in crowded elevators. But to keep that secret, type in Alan Berkman instead, and…please help a starving artist, who isn’t me, by the way. Or, if you say its kosher and allowed, we can do it the easy way: @Countryboyjvd1971


@Buck3 has the best art ever.


@Buck3 a couple of questions.

Did you kill these deer?
Did you process the skulls yourself?
Did you find the wood and other objects and assemble this?

If yes to all three you fall under 3D sculpture and found objects. Which happens to be art. So yes! As well you got some pretty sweet trophies.


Yes as matter fact @DoomSack, my wife, @70sChick and I killed these over the years, I processed the skulls, and I looked for and found an old fence line or at least what was left of it, where we hunt and got some of the post to put the skulls on. We both put them on the post. The one with 3 on it are hers and the two with 2 on each are mine. Never heard of 3D art but it sounds pretty cool. We also have 5 shoulder mounts (3 for me…2 for her). We both enjoy hunting together…keeps us young :wink:


Wow @DieHigh55 just WOW.


Hey @diehigh55 do you do special orders? Eg send you a picture and you put it on canvas and send it back?


Sure, all my oil paintings are on canvas or wood panels, the charcoal drawings are on paper. Keep in mind, though, that oil paintings take several months depending on subject, size, etc. It’s a slow painting and drying process.


In other words kaching kaching $$$$ :wink:


How long does a charcoal drawing take and what’ ya charge for it? They are some serious quality right there so I can’t imagine it would be cheap :wink:


Haha, hardly! More like…“dear, can I borrow some money?” A charcoal drawing takes a few days depending on how quickly I hit my groove, I think Tyrion Lannister took about a week. I ask 30 euro ($35) for a drawing…don’t wanna be TOO greedy.


Wow, that’s great value. I’m going to send you an email Via The email link on fine art America. Speak soon :wink:


Great! Hope to hear from ya soon.