Artistry Under the Influence


Very nice! I’ll definitely check out the update to. One of these days maybe you can put a mix of a few of your favorites into a playlist. That would be nice so people can hit play and hear a few while working on their grow. Kind of like an album. By people I mean me lol. Currently I put pandora on when I’m reading or just relaxing. I have a constant ringing in one ear so silence drives me crazy.


Actually if you open this link for viewing on YouTube, it’s part of a 36 song playlist


Nice thank you!


Love it. In fact, I dig everything you post! Keep it up @Willd :v:

#780 been working on this one this week,good ol fav enjoy morrisman rocks :slight_smile:


Here’s today’s output.
I’ve always loved vibes and synthetic percussion.
The vintage mellotron added to Garage Band is pretty nice too


Great get away music. I pictured a car load of bank robbers peeling through the city trying to avoid the Man. Great mix @Willd


I screwed up and deleted instead of editing that last post. oops

I trimmed the time and organized this one I created in July so I could include it in my playlist


Very nice!! Love the building intensity. You’ve got skills Brothah.


thank you kind sir


Very nice. How does one acquire the software you use, @Willd ?


It’s called GarageBand. It’s included with every Apple computer/device. They have a version that runs on mobile devices like iPhone & iPad too. I don’t know if it’s available for Windows.
I purchased a suite of instruments from Korg as well last winter to round out the sounds with additional Drum machines & synths.
A decent MIDI controller (keyboard), guitars, and bass also add to the capabilities.
For non skilled or beginner musicians, there are also tons of pre made loops you can drag into a grid to create something from. A couple of tunes I created on the iPad when I first got it incorporated some rhythm loops, but the vast majority of all the instrumentation is my original work.

#789 yeee hawwww :slight_smile: here’s an extra 1 don’t give it to ya childrens bahahah


No mater how many times I hear this song, I never get sick of it. The overall sounds is soothing to me.
The sentiment is sweet and it stirs imagery from deep within my imagination.
“they say time can give you more than your poor bones could ever take”

In case you can’t discern them, here are the lyrics
"Belated Promise Ring"

Sunday morning, my Rebekah’s sleeping in with me again
There’s a kid outside the church kickin’ a can

When the cedar branches twist she turns her collar to the wind
The weather can close the world within its hand

And my mother says Rebekah is as stubborn as they come
They both call to me with words I never knew

There’s a bug inside the thimble, there’s a band-aid on her thumb
And a pony in the river turning blue

They say time may give you more than your poor bones could ever take
My Rebekah says she never wants a boy

To be barefoot on the driveway as they wave and ride away
And to run inside and curse the open door

I once gave to my Rebekah a belated promise ring
And she sold it to the waitress on a train

I may find her by the phone booth with a fashion magazine
She may kiss me when her girlfriends leave again

They say time may give you more than your poor bones could ever take
I think I could never love another girl

To be free atop a tree stump and to look the other way
While she shines my mother’s imitation pearls

Sunday evening, my Rebekah’s lost a book she never read
And the moon already fell into the sea

So the statues of our fathers in the courthouse flowerbed
Now they blend with all the lightning-tattered trees

They say time may give you more than your poor bones could ever take
My Rebekah says she knew I’d want a boy

A dollar for my boardwalk red balloon to float away
She would earn a pocketful to buy me more


Wow, beautiful song!

I feel like I should’ve heard of this before, but I haven’t. Love it.


New track added to my highbush studio playlist


For some reason that first one when I hit play like through 1st minute or so feels like it should be in a movie. Like in a scene where they’re giving backstory on the bad guy before a showdown. I like it. As always amazing work.


Another short session added to the play list


@Willd spot on mate :slight_smile:


Added another one today. A little repetitive but that’s showbiz.