Artistry Under the Influence


For personal reasons @aussie123556 Bob31 had to cease his forum participation.


@Karli amazing work tks for sharing, :slight_smile: is he your dog :slight_smile:


Thought I’d toss this up for your artist enjoyment. Drawn with charcoal, chalk and conte crayons (almost completely) under the influence.

Peggy Kurton (1895-1977) English actress of the early talkies.


@DieHigh55 wow you really got that down pat mate,rock on,:slight_smile:

#760 finally worked this one out,yewwww,will put something up 1 day,enjoy again :slight_smile:


That’s beautiful. You’re very talented.


Thank you.


i love these slow bluesy ballards an leads an of course pink floyd,next one i’m workin on :slight_smile: enjoy


Mood music for rain and wind damaged crops

DownEast HIGHBUSH 2018

@Willd love that intro smooth an clean rock on :slight_smile:


Hate the muse. Love the art. It’s as if Phil Collins, Alan Parsons, and Whiz Khalifa collaborated. I love it :+1:


have been watching a guy lately paul something,he wears a kfc bucket on his head an a mask but plays like a freak,a.k.a buckethead :slight_smile: soothsayer is a fav atm



Here’s a new one I started on the 25th


Love it @Willd, funky as hell. Kind of a Jan Hammer feel, but then not at all. Awesome delay, too :+1:

#771 has any1 done this :slight_smile:


Here’s another I started a long time ago.
It has “vocals”


Man @Willd I’m out of likes but this one I like even more than the others you’ve posted. It’s got a really nice flow to it. I’ve listened to it twice already.


thanks for listening. i just heard some more stuff in my head to add so check back for a remixed version at some point in the near future


Very nice! I’ll definitely check out the update to. One of these days maybe you can put a mix of a few of your favorites into a playlist. That would be nice so people can hit play and hear a few while working on their grow. Kind of like an album. By people I mean me lol. Currently I put pandora on when I’m reading or just relaxing. I have a constant ringing in one ear so silence drives me crazy.