Artistry Under the Influence


@Smokin_ernie saw the guitars during his visit and asked if I play…
Reposting a playlist of my originals. A couple are obvious (or not so much) tributes.


Good stuff! Like it


Thanks man!
Thanks for all the samples too! I have some for you! I was so excited to actually have visitors & show off the garden, I forgot to give them to you!
Feel free to make a pit stop on your way back. I’m roasting a turkey in the sun oven all day Friday. There will be lots leftover for the weekend.


@Willd really like this one,:slight_smile: rock on

#740 found this little gem,this guy got some skills lol :slight_smile:


I love it! “:musical_note: I ate the sheriff…” was more what I was expecting. Talented, indeed. :+1:


@elheffe702 u might like this 1 to should be our anthem i rekon :slight_smile:



A mask I made a few years back


That’s some serious work, bravo!


Thanks a lot brother.


So everything outside is sogged out from clashing fronts overnight dropping .31" of rain on us. That’s my queue to do music stuff in summer.

I started this idea about a month ago and it had just been bass & drums since then.
Until now.

Tagging Mr.@DoomSack & Wolfie here as well since I added 5 more songs to the playlist today and know they’re fans.


Sounds like when James Bond just outsmarted a foe and is on his way inside the compound! Nice mix!!! @Willd


I’m with @Screwauger , very Pete’ Gunn, (Mancini) and JB spy/sneaky with a Vegas strut. Very nice to listen to on some quality headphones. I enjoyed it all the way to the silence. @Willd

I am a very visual person and music sort of gets my neurons exploding and synapses firing. Thank you for the short trip out of reality.

You’ve got a real talent. The xylophone/brass/ and oh the bass (with the echo fuzzy pad is really something to groove on). Really nice choice of instruments.


I guess you have to open it in YouTube the rest of the selections to play as a playlist


I am subscribe to your YouTube site and watching all mon ami :eyes: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :ear:


Oh yeah! Painting while smoking herb… some of my artwork



Beautiful watercolors!


Beautiful indeed! :clap: :clap: :clap:


@Screwauger hey mate just wondered what happened to bob,he’s a good bloke an when i heard he not on the site anymore was a bit bummed but anyway,hope nothing bad,an thoughts are with him, :slight_smile: