Artistry Under the Influence


Yes but chemo took care of that and never again. The thought makes me sick! @Happy_Pappy

#717 todays song am trying to keep up with :slight_smile:

#718 an old favourite :slight_smile: nice weather atm hope everyone is doing well :slight_smile:

#719 don’t know if artistry but am looking at another dive soon,hope this 1 gets some ppl going,:slight_smile:


Heck yeah, that’s art! Sweet video. Be safe! :+1:


@Willd, Howdy! I’ve never chatted with you but we’ve something in common. I’m a guitar enthusiast myself. I’ve been playing for a long time. I’ve owned Strats, Taylor Acoustics, and a few Takemines. Had some nice Fender amps as well. Im enjoying a new Takemine Jumbo that I bout in December of last year. I play and will jump on one until it starts getting redundant. Then I’ll pass them off to my sins who are great musicians in their own right. I buy a new one every now and then I’ll purchase something new to keep the interest going if you know what I mean.


Seriously? Wow @aussie123556 I freak out seven rungs up a ladder. Good on ya but I recommend keep feet on terra firma. Not like to fly either, at all.


@Happy_Pappy hey show off,lets hear some of that takiminey then lol:
0 nice guitars anyway.


Im going to be able ti one day. Im looking at some simple recording equip at moment. Its pricey though.


@Happy_Pappy have used audacity alot with my guitar an microphone but it will just record you if you have a laptop or a mic even :slight_smile:


Ill see if it will work for me. If it does, ill play you tune. Whos your fave?


@Happy_Pappy have got sheep pink floyd playin now :slight_smile: diff song each week rock on,wld love to hear that too :slight_smile: prob kick onto rainbow srargazer next but i aint no dj hee hee :slight_smile:


I posted under the wrong topic. oops


That’s my groomed run " Artistry Under the Influence" Snowcats are just as fun to drive as they look.


These are freaking amazing


@muffybunny Thank you very much!


Back at it with a new one that came to me a few days ago.
I never seem to get beyond a couple of grooves that go for a minute or two.


“we got the pineapple and purple haze; we got the stuff put you in a daze, this is how we smoke the ganja…this is smoking m a r i j u a n a he he he he” Fantastic @Willd

I can name that tune in, four joints!


@boardsbird great photo :slight_smile:


Now days after driving the hill from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am "I could ski or go home and talk to my plant’s " I ski less.