Artistry Under the Influence


I play everything. Thanks :pray:t2:
I thought you would enjoy that offset doubled guitar part.
It’s an easy studio trick. I create a duplicate track. I copy that solo guitar part and paste it into the empty second track a couple of beats after the first track and it creates the “harmony”. I’ve only used the technique a couple of times since I discovered it messing around one day.
I like the oil version of Ms Wilde!


Just WOW! thats beautiful! You got some seriouse talent.


My wife says I’m obsessed with her, I always thought she was rather tragic.


Renaissance “old masters” aka ninja turtle artists is a good start for research. Honestly the best way to observe them is to see them in person (i mean any of the old masters work, not just the famous stuff) in a gallery. It’s just not the same if you are looking at it thru electronic glass. Primarily the sense is scale is lost.


For sure! Luckily I live less than an hour away from the Rubens House, the Great Cathedral and the Antwerp Fine Arts museum, lots of great art real close by. A bit of a ride and we’re in Delft, Vermeer’s home town. Like you say, there’s nothing like viewing the Old Masters up close and in person.


@DieHigh55 Also they don’t care if you bust out a sketch book to get down ideas no photographing however, it’s not classy anyways lol.

You should take advantage of them (museums and galleries) and a lot of times they have a “free” day during the week. At least in France and USA. Mostly Thursday night seem to be the norm in usa for free exhibits. If your self taught you should just be like a sponge observing any artwork presented in those galleries. I really mean any because it fires off those connections in the brain.
I only mention free days because it’s one less excuse to not go. :v:


I must admit and am ashamed to say I commented after only listening to a small piece. Well I plugged you in for my morning drive and I gotta tell you that track two…oh my oh my, track two vibrated through my being and I just danced in my seat all the way through and then again :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️ I’ve got 1&2 on my favs now and while I only made it through 6 I’ve been enjoying the hell outta it! Thank you so much for sharing.

I gotta wonder, when’s the party? A weekend of bon fires, food, smoke and good music!!! Sounds good huh?


Thank you so very very much for sharing your critique and appreciation of this stuff. I’ve thought about hawking it as video game or TV show theme or scores for films with no dialogue or something.


Reminds me of ol Bill


yes it’s kind of a tribute or nod to use me and Front line by Stevie wonder


Somehow missed uploading this one in April.
It’s called Roast Beef


@DieHigh55 wow very smooth shading :slight_smile:

#705 today’s run on the ol fingers enjoy :slight_smile:


@Screwauger was on pool hall junkies an have been looking for this version .woot woot,tk u :slight_smile:


Nice, it’s a great raw early version.


@Screwauger i have the guitar in my hands doing the riff now,lol.em 7 to something else.just can’t sing an play ,same a bb king,hee hee nice pick tho :slight_smile:

#709 todays song reminds me of an old gershwin run down a little enjoy :slight_smile:


Those are beautumous!


I knew your were awesome! I’m right again. @highcountrygal


@highcountrygal do you ever go the edible thing?