Artistry Under the Influence


Beautiful sketch, you’ve got talent.


So do I! They keep our brains from falling out and making a mess on our shirts.


Lol, that’s true.


That’s a kickass track! The doubled guitar is fantastic, are you playing thythm too or is that the “machine”?


I love it. I love how clean those guitars are (fuzzy pedal). Those syns and other sounds (the percussion) is just Very nice stuff. The chip/bit syn makes it retro but totally relevant in today’s edm music. I bet you could appeal to some indie game developers with your sounds. Your music is complicated and is precise. It would fit well with a puzzle game, sci fiction adventure games idk the possibilities are just about endless.

I see just the lot of action in my head. Your music makes my imagination ignite all kinds imagery in quick, precise movements like a fighter pilot. From busy streets in a cyber world, to the open fields of stars and planets spinning and turning like machines. You have a gift. Lots of games need music. I don’t think I’m the first to say that either. Great as always @Willd

I let it keep running and continued to listen to 21 out of 28 of them, great stuff!


“13”- previously done in charcoal, conte and chalk:

“13”- mirrored and redone in oil paint


Self portrait? This is beautiful :heart:


Haha! I’d need a lot of cosmetic surgery plus a sex change to be that pretty, and I still wouldn’t be close. She’s the actress Olivia Wilde, who played Dr. Remy “13” Hadley on “House MD”, of which Im a big fan. Thanks for the compliment.


Beautiful @DieHigh55 your at it again, keep up the good work!!


Anything to avoid housework!:wink:


Yes!! You nailed her! (I see it, don’t say it lol)
And hey, don’t go changin!!


Huh huh…huh huh huh…uhhhh huh huh


I know but it was too funny not to leave it :slight_smile:


It was hilarious! I was channelling Butthead lol


No no, wouldn’t think of it.


@elheffe702 did lol


@DieHigh55 Your art is so beautiful! You have the eyes! I read once if you get the eyes you’ll get the picture! I am just amazed at your work! Are you self taught or lessons?


I’m not sure what sort of eyes I have, usually they’re kinda red and staring off somewhere. I’m self taught, I had 2 art classes 100 years ago in HIGH school, one of which I was tossed out of for bad behaviour. ADD hadn’t been discovered yet…I started developing my fascination with Renaissance art after moving to Belgium and just basically studied and taught myself the rudiments of Flemish, Dutch and Venetian art technique. Drawing came much later, I never thought I was very good at drawing.


@DieHigh55 Not your eyes lol the drawings, if you get the eyes right the picture follows. Doesn’t it make you wonder where those skills came from? I loved art classes in high school and I did attend one semester of commercial art in college, then I heard the beat of that different drum and marched to it, never turning back. I can barely remember, I think I was 5 or 6 maybe and my mom helped me enter some kind of contest for Dole Pineapple cans (or something like that) and I remember coloring this brilliant sunset (at least in my eyes) with a palm tree. That’s all I remember. My first conscious art memory.


I’m not sure if that’s true. You might get the eyes exactly right, but if the space between them is not equal to one eye length, than your portrait will be off and won’t look right. I did tons of proportion exercises, problem was I didn’t have anyone to tell me if what I was doing was right or wrong. Intuition, I guess.