Artistry Under the Influence


I tried the pill when it got to the point that my right leg seized up with my knee bent at a 45. After two months of no release, I tried one and damn that! I’ll stick to my weed.

Gout is my main issue, but if I push my body too far, that nerve will nearly cripple me.


I feel you my friend, I do lots of stretching and smoking.


@Rickandbobbyd you would never had found it


I saw it @highcountrygal but was in a different room so I didn’t think thank you for the tag


Let me know what you think!


@highcountrygal, these are absolutely beautiful!


Did you get to see the animals? You may have to scroll up because there are a lot more I think


Nice job, how long you been doing these @highcountrygal


I started the Gray Scale about 2 years ago. Before that I just did colored pencil drawings. I tried this and I was hooked. I can’t do it much any more I don’t have feeling in either hand. and I miss it A LOT.

#662 workin on this 1 today rock on :slight_smile:



I love skulls! Very nice.


Love it! Needlepoint skulls :heart:️:heart:️:skull::skull:


Added a couple new things to my playlist.


Nice beat :heart:


dont know if i posted ths already but have got this 1 down an under the influence :slight_smile:


an a bitta blues if you can keep up woot woot


Started getting the itch to sketch again.


Very nice!! So did checking out all the talent here reawaken the talent in you? :clap:


Hope ya get real itchy.