Artistry Under the Influence


So here’s something in reference to this guitar post in the morning garden


That’s you? Foreground or background?
Dude you all sound tight​:+1:t2::sunglasses:


Thanks, I’m the guy with the hat. The louder solo that doesn’t sound like a Ventures rip off is me and my Hagstrom F200. The guitar in this pic is a Framus Panthera. It was gorgeous and played nice but weighs a ton so I ditched it. Much better drummer on this recording than the one that played the gig the photo is from.


Took a while to get the other example from the other band uploaded but here it is.

That’s a Hagstrom Ultra Swede I’m playing in this photo but “Screamy”, the Hagstrom F200, was used on this recording as well.


Love it! Just goes to show that we are many and varied❤️


@Willd nice work,both drummers sound good but as us guitarists say, it’s always the drummers fault :slight_smile: rock on,found this little gem today,santana acoustic version :slight_smile:


Florence Evelyn Nesbit (1884-1967) American model, chorus girl and actress. Drawn completely…almost…“under the influence”.


That is amazing!


The detail in the trees bark is just phenomenal. Can’t imagine anyone not wanting to see more


Awesome work my friend.


How many hours and smoke breaks went into this latest work? Just stunning!


Haha! Remember the line in Easy Rider…“I’m not into time, man”? Think I worked on this a few hours every night for a week or so, with the necessary vape breaks and glasses of wine at regular intervals.


@DieHigh55 I am in awe of your art, my friend! I can’t even put it in words and I won’t even try!


Been a little lax and uninspired lately. But today we has inspiration. I was trying to create an easy guitar riff for Liam to learn since he’s new to playing guitar and just learning.
My partner at work who also works remotely went to the store and typed “back” when he returned. Then typed Hairy Man Back. So here it is…


That’s very kind of you, mucho appreciato…that sounds like a Starbucks coffee😊


I have a gift to share with you that I stole from @crazyots for when you’re out of likes. Not really stole, it was offered, but I like my method of giving him the credit for it now that I’m passing it on.

Had to edit it in, don’t know why it didn’t load the first time @Mrcrabs .

Download the image and upload whenever you’re out of likes. Here is a different one that another wonderful woman offered me…

They come in handy when you really want to show your appreciation for something, but are out of likes with nothing to really be said.


Pretty cool making that ball of light dance as you join two pieces of steel!

I was told to stop after a pupil blew after a long day of welding galvanized steel. Nasty stuff.

I miss getting baked and running my MIG. Wanted to learn TIG, but my welding days got cut short too soon.


Thanks buddy I will download, will come in handy.


I thought so too…


Sorry to hear that, yes sometime are bodies tell us when to give it a rest. My sciatic nerve acts up from time to time. That’s we it’s break time.