Artistry Under the Influence


Sure it’s art! A totem to the animal that gave its life to you. What a beautiful memorial to express your thanks!


@Buck3, heck ya, those are very cool.


copper foil. Make most of my own patterns from pictures I like.


If my Father-in-law was still alive he would have bought those from you. I’m not kidding. Let’s just say the old man had money and his own private art gallery. But not of Picasso’s etc. What he appreciated was talent like yours!!!


Any chance of bringing him back? I could you use a few good sales!


Thanks @BIGE for the suggestion. I’m enjoying this thread! Thanks @willd for making it.


Good morning, stoners. Today’s humble presentation:
Sansa Stark

Tyrion Lannister:

Hope y’all have a great day/evening!


Omg my wife would love those well done my friend @DieHigh55


If you’re interested I can tell you where to have prints made. These two are hanging on the wall and MY wife ain’t giving ‘em up for nothin’!


Please do sir @DieHigh55 my wife love the imp


Is there a way to do it in private? I have to put a link and that’s a no no, I know know.


the link would be fine since it’s not MJ related brother
Only competitor links are not allowed
I can’t pm :frowning:️ Users
Let me double check first tho don’t want to get you in trouble


Cool…no prob!


You need to also do badass Arya :sunglasses:. These are great @DieHigh55!


Good morning fellas great art work, I don’t draw but like to get a little creative under my medication!!


That’s a pretty cool piece of medication influenced work!


Haha…thanks! Might try that, I drew Theon Greyjoy which I didn’t like so much.


There’s another way I could get you to the site without using links, I put a link the other day and got a virtual hand slap from @bob31.


@DieHigh55 Thanks and its all original off a 66 mustang I restored. I swapped engines and tranny, didn’t want to throw them into the trash.


Does the clock really work?