Artistry Under the Influence


@BIGE Nice work as well. I need to come back when my likes renew.


Wow, that’s some really pretty pieces there! Not to be pushy, but more art director, might i suggest you set them in a light boxes, to let those pretty colors illuminate. Beautiful work @bryan


Freakin Mad Skills! @DieHigh55 :heart::v::sunglasses:


I like the variety @Stomper. I dig the chill’n bear and colorful bird.
I’m with you, I can’t tolerate sitting still for long with out it. i tend to remain more focused, and i find my attention to details is heightened.


A tad off topic but weed was AND STILL IS the ONLY thing I could ever 100% count on to prevent white line fever when I commuted to and from Woodstock, CT and So Boston 5 days a week for 3 years.


What’s white line fever really?


I take notes when I get ideas and ways to articulate complex concepts. I sometimes have to repeat the idea until I can document it so I don’t think I’ll remember it and then forget (so many ideas lost that way)


Thanks. Had the big pieces sitting around the garage. Wind chimes made from glass and beading. Definitely worth lighting em up.


I love your bear!! :heart_eyes:


I want to play too :slight_smile:


Sometimes they do start talking, IF I’m in the right state of mind…" My nose is crooked, you idiot!"



Beautiful glasswork, brother! But the guitar…could you put a soft light directly behind the panel? Might be…wow.


Tell us about your medium, @Stomper, looks like air brush though I’m probably wrong😊


Agree! Stained glass should be lit from the back like in churches. This is beautiful work! I love the talent in this community!


Haha! That’s one of my favorites. There’s a commercial on TV here in Belgium, the milk maid is making pudding and it’s really yummy and…I showed this painting at exhibitions and little kids would say…“Look mama, there’s the lady from the pudding commercial!” I could feel the John Cleese rising up in me…" You stupid, ignorant, little twat, raised by stupid, ignorant twat parents !"


The tshirts and bird are airbrush acrylics. The painting is oils. I work in any medium you put in front of me. Stick me on a beach and I’ll build a sand empire. My snow men brought folks from all over (one was an elk herd in different poses).

I subsidized college drinking by etching mirrors for all the stoners. Got into airbrushing to paint my prosthetic leg. Had never done it before and this was my first piece …


Do you use lead or copper foil?


I guess you could call this art of some sort



Welcome to the forum! Nice helmet work!

@Stomper @DieHigh55 @bryan All nicely done!! I have zero artistic ability! I am basically tone deaf as well.

I lack the patience needed! When I see people that can do this, it amazes me!