Artistry Under the Influence


Please do, @Willd, I’m becoming sonically x-sited. Beautiful axe too. I had a Fender JP90 for awhile that I really loved.


Thanks it’s a 1962 Framus Apollo Made in the Heart of Bavaria. I really love playing it.
The older videos I posted to my youtube channel just now contain some identifying info so I can’t exactly link them here. You’ll find them on my channel where all the newer stuff I’ve been creating is linked if you click the “watch on YouTube” in the video window instead of watching the embedded version in my forum posts.


Ok, I’ll do that for sho.


Here’s a more complete version of this one from earlier this month.


@Willd is my fav 1 so far :slight_smile:


Thanks @aussie123556
Here’s the first tune of the month. I kinda play around with this progression quite a bit. Reminds me of Blood in the Streets by The Doors in a way. Not sure why.

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

Love the horn arpeggios in the middle and the percussion ( maracas?) that kind of appear out of nowhere. Damn, @Willd, you write some sweet stuff!:clap::clap::clap:


@Willd if i owned an alley the doors would be right up it,:slight_smile: nice 1 again…tk u sir :slight_smile:


watch out for those mean guitars @Willd

#319 kudos @Willd


@BIGE yeee hawww,nice pic, i swear the guy on the left didn’t look at his guitar once lol showoff :slight_smile:


i see yr an raise you a :slight_smile:slight_smile:


Talk about Artistry Under the Influence
GenHydro has 4 volumes of compilations to enjoy while enjoying our home grown.
I just sampled a few cuts but figure even if I don’t appreciate all the selections, it’s still better than any mainstream garbage I can barely tolerate in places that play canned music.
For example, as soon as I walk into my Dr’s office I turn the radio down to 1 before I even walk up to the receptionist window. Because I DON’T THANK YER TRAKTER’S SAXXXY, I don’t like Red Cup parties, and God damn it, this ain’t Texas!

Can’t link it here but visit their site and it’s pretty apparent how to get them.
I’m downloading them all.


That is BEAUTIFUL! Nice work!!


SWEET! I concur kinda reminds me of the doors


@aussie123556 Thank u for posting that. I really liked that!!!


Thank you! That is the prettiest walnut I ever saw.


Haven’t done anything for awhile, so without further ado, I present to you jokers, smokers and midnight tokers Dr. Remy Hadley, otherwise known as 13

as portrayed by Olivia Wilde SIGH on House MD


Once again, you leave me speechless :heart:


Glad to leave you speechless, dear. She’s in the tweaking phase now, or…90% of the work takes 10% of the time. The last 10% of the work takes 90% of the time.