Artistry Under the Influence



Wow! The next Mike Oldfield for sure! Gonna check this guy out.


why does it show a big picture of the clip,when i did it before it just showed the link ? html still learning,srry :slight_smile:


Not sure @aussie123556 but I think if you fail to put a line between a sentence like this and the video link line, I think it sometimes does not post the preview pic


@DieHigh55 i rekon,lol talk about playing piano on guitar,baseline rhythm an lead all in 1 :slight_smile:old mike has an great voice,


under the influence an the jukebox says go neil :slight_smile:



@Screwauger mate those snow pics are awesome,i wished so much i had land like that to go walkabout lol :slight_smile: great pics snow snow snow all yr round woo hoo :slight_smile:


Not the next Mike Oldfield here, but this one was stuck in my head for a day or two until I laid something down in Garage Band. Not quite the “composition a day” I thought I was on pace for earlier in the month but it’s something.

As per usual the Mustang bass is using a setting called Hi-Fi DI and the guitar is using garage band legacy setting Fat Sixties Fuzz I just happened to customize and save a couple of years prior to the latest version that is sorely lacking any amp models I can get to sound like playing through my VOX VT120+.


I get a soundtrack feeling from this @Willd

Like coming out of the fog to see the daylight type of scene!


Yeah, that’s kinda nice! Like @Screwauger said, like driving out of a fog, or into the sunset tossing wads of money out the car windows in the middle of the desert while laughing hysterically. Do you write out the notation, too, or is that done for you?


Thanks Al!
Garage Band manages filling in the score. I really wish it could notate the audio tracks too (bass & guitar) like it does the keys and other MIDI instruments, but it conveys the idea.
I suppose I could duplicate the lines with my keys to have it produce a score.


Thanks @Screwauger


Can you multitrack too? Like play and record several guitar lines on top of each other? That would REALLY be Oldfield…and very cool!


yes sir.
Each instrument is a track to create layers. For instance a rhythm track and a lead track. I will record something just for you to demonstrate.


Cool! Thanks! Are you limited at all to the number of layers you can put down? I’m thinking one man guitar orchestra…kinda like “Star Spangled Banner” on Rainbow Bridge.


@Willd awesome :slight_smile: really smooth easy listening :slight_smile:


Ahh, I see what you’re getting at. Here’s something else instead. ha ha ha

I have a couple of more classical influenced things I can lay down with my steel string acoustic. I used to do a solo acoustic thing at farmer’s markets with a loop pedal in effect creating multiple layers and being a one guitar orchestra.
I’m pretty confident I’ve got footage on another computer if I didn’t delete it all with everything else from that period of my life… lol


Wow, that SMOKES! And not just the guy playing either. Is the wah wah sound a real guitar or done on the computer? Don’t want to get too interested in this, I’ve got enough things to distract me from what I’m supposed to be doing. Can you make a mellotron type sound too?


All the sounds in this one except the drums and bass are made by me playing this guitar running through effects.

The bass is also a real stringed bass

The drums are played with keypad controller

The multitude of sounds possible are pretty much infinite.
I’ll make some more examples for your sonic satisfaction.