Artistry Under the Influence


Actually, those aren’t my boards, they’re someone else’s work. I do charcoal drawings.


Oh okay, Nice work btw!!


But the ironworker things you made…really great!


Thank you very much! I make custom art work to order, I’m sure i could come up with something cool with a IW63!
If you’re ever looking…


Here is a Few other pieces I’ve done…


@TakSiX-420 built and painted myself!


Nice job!!


I would certainly ask for something if I was still ironworking, but I left the trade, and the U.S., a long time ago.:wink: Thanks for the offer though.


@DieHigh55 would you be interested in doing a charcoal drawing for me?


Sure! What’s the subject?


family picture,i’ll get with the wife select a few pics and then see which one you feel best about…lol


Well it doesn’t have to be Ironworker affiliated! I make all kinds of abstract art as well…


Sounds great! When you have something, you can contact me via my website: (this is allowed, I’ve done it already). Thanks for your trust and hope to hear from you soon.


What materials do you you use?


sweet @DieHigh55 i’ll be in touch!


Wow, Awesome works! I use spray paint on canvas & other mediums…


I’ll show your stuff to my wife when she’s home…someone has to earn a living around here…she might be interested in having something done relating to mindfulness, Buddha, zen…that kind of thing.


Awesome, Thanks! That’s funny cause, I’m working on something with a similar subject…


Sneak preview? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours😂


Something I did while listening to my hair grow:

Betty Compson (1897-1979) America actress and film producer. Now I’m going to try and paint her.