Artistry Under the Influence


It’s almost a country song, eh?! :rofl: Or a limerick? I’ve read it several times and laugh every time… easily amused I guess :wink::grinning: (the wake and bake helped I’m sure)


I guess you have to be Australian to really get it.


Freeze Tease

It rained like hell then froze. Made me compose this. Oh disclaimer…most the drums are courtesy of the Apple virtual drummer Kyle.
The drugs and rest of it is all me.

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

Pretty much granny, but the " slapped it " i think refers to the bird slapping the chop against a tree or ground trying to kill the chop before eating eat. As kids we used to cut the long fatty bit off the chop and feed it to the kookaburra’s, because the fat was wobbly the bird still thinks its alive. Very Australian :wink: that’s right up my alley. Oi oi oi :wink:


I kinda thought that was it :slightly_smiling_face: about the slapping part but wasn’t sure so I left that out of my “translation”. I used to have an Australian friend who always cracked me up with some of the things he said :grimacing:. But then I’d crack him up with my Southern sayings :+1:


@GreenThunder a bird stole a steak off the bbq with ppl standing right there flipping their steaks,an then ate it 1m away slapping the steak on the ground to kill it…lol…have hand fed kookaburrus before but yeah stealth dive bombing steak stealing no fear kookaburra birds ,was a new 1 :slight_smile:


@Willd,love that baseline, :slight_smile:


The image has amused me all day, along with the musical way you originally presented it :wink: Thanks for that :grin:


@GreenThunder if i told you the whole day you prob wouldn’t belive it,that was the a funny moment the kookaburra but when a car we were following on the way to the bbq a combie van(double punch bug no returns ) just locked up on the way to the bbq an the gearbox was stuck so no bush machenics happening there,couldn’t even roll it off the road,was stuck,like a brick,we missed hitting by 6 inches ,then the kookaburra incident ,lol was a weird day :slight_smile: an that was all after lunch,b4 was even more hectic,hee hee, :slight_smile: goons at 5am for the world cup soccer aus v jap :slight_smile: we lost doh bbq time :slight_smile:smile:


I worked with a gal from New Zealand and we used to like to have her say different things, just to laugh :smile: She was a very good sport about it :upside_down_face:


r.i.p to my mate 14yrs fox terrier,thought she was cujo buried next to the chillies today , :frowning:


rip cujo! sorry @aussie123556


Sorry for your loss @aussie123556

We can’t even fathom or discuss the inevitable loss of our 14year old chocolate lab as it becomes more obvious by the day, that we need to discuss it and him.


I’m so sorry for your loss :slightly_frowning_face:


Here’s another I started last night after telling my friend Matt I’m fresh out of ideas:
It’s called Liam Asked because while I was composing this one he asked his Mom "what’s the longest Will has “gotten lost” in his DAW setup?"

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

Nice job! Did you build the boards yourself?? I painted these for a friend!


Ironworkers! Local 7? I was in 63 Chicago…cool!


Thanks! Yes he’s an Ironworker for Local 7…


What city? Let me guess…Boston? Google is great!


Yes Boston… So did you make those boards yourself or just paint them?