Artistry Under the Influence


@DieHigh55 no east coast ,is weird you mentioned the fires an an now the poor ppl have mud slides,omg,an i saw some research done in oz about kite an falcon birds using twigs still embering to snuff out mice,so we have another cause for fire starters,no joke


@Willd double dragon arcade game music eat yr heart out,soudns like an old william tell program on the commadore 64,hee hee,awesome :slight_smile:


Those are some clever birds, putting their mice on the barbie before eating them. Wonder if they have a beer to wash them down with.


Now there’s a piece of cutting edge technology that my kids will never understand :wink:


…You’re call is important, please listen to that cool music in waiting, someone is gone a take your call asap… lol :wink: :sweat_smile: :joy: :wink:… nice one @Willd :+1::ok_hand:


I can see that … in one hand, gun, the other holding a sport bag full of weeds and money , walking with attitude when going out the elevator… lol :wink: :innocent:


@Powaforce do you remeber typing for like a day william tell an it would make some piston go up an down,but if you got it wrong,like 1 comma it would say syntax error,lol my fav,julien hussange,go son,:slight_smile: but international karate was pretty good lol,but double dragon cmon,dirty harry at the end,hee hee almost sounded like the soundtrack a bit,@ wild soundtrack above , am listenig to frederik mesnier dans tes bras atm :slight_smile:


How you doin’? Far from the flames, I hope.


Frédéric Mesnier is a great French Classical guitarist that as self-educate himself to guitar, he is really good :+1::ok_hand:

It’s worth going to YouTube and listen to his repertoir, @Willd ,

Thanks for mention him @aussie123556:+1:

#212 ten yrs after was next,think alot about this 1.while i play along .lol :slight_smile: i can play some of fredrick but no whr near his brilliance,but i remember ever note :slight_smile: of mutliple songs is music blocking something,as its another passion like gardening,or are they instincts. :slight_smile: passions ? an for all the dog lovers


Lol yep. And when the cassette data drive came out, it was the best thing since sliced bread.


@DieHigh55 amazing picture,shading, :slight_smile:


@Niala do you know the bands family,boots an roots song and band an audience house on the hill album,another 2 great distractions,tks for the appreciation, :slight_smile:


Thaw Paw

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

@Willd Very nice :+1:. Thanks for sharing :hugs:. I’m bundled up and going out to get the shoveling done. When done and thawing out with some hot :chocolate_bar: I’ll replay it!


It’s all public.


ok tk u :slight_smile:


@DieHigh55 iv’e had a kookaburra pinch a chop off the barbie near nimbin an then slapped it an ate it in front of us,it wouldn’t take the bread we offered…lol,free curly tail,short loiny tk u :slight_smile:


I don’t understand all of this but it did make me laugh it loud!! :joy: I kinda want to read it to a kid and ask them to draw a picture of it. :wink: I feel like I can imagine seeing it even though I don’t really know exactly what it means :smile:


A bird :bird: grabbed meat off the bbq grill and ate it in front of him :grimacing: “loosely translated “ @GreenThunder