Artistry Under the Influence


This one is just an idea and not really going anywhere


Lol, you sure have put a smile on my face drinking my coffee, @Willd, :wink::grinning:… Tuuututuutuuuutututuuu :musical_score::notes:, still lingering in my head , lol :wink:, thanks for sharing my friend :grinning: :+1:


@aussie123556 am struggling atm just feel so alone, but this site is amazing,tks everyone for sharing :slight_smile: i love it :slight_smile:


Sure thing @aussie123556!
See how if this livens things up or chills them down any. This really is a great place to chat and just express yourself no matter who you are.


Finally got around to taking pictures of the jewelry box I made for my wife at Christmas. It’s from the last of the wood I built our dining room table out of. The interior is black walnut.


I love it! And I’m sure she does :grinning:


Question for you. I’m thinking about making a pipe with some aged apple wood branches. It’ll be a short pipe as I don’t have a long drill bit but I’m fairly sure I can do it. Your thoughts would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you find a really long screw? If so, drill as far as you can, and then use the screw. Is apple wood very hard?


I really don’t know if it’s considered a hard wood but I have found a couple of handcrafted applewood pipes online so I’m pretty sure I can make one. Depending on how you make it you drill 2-3 connecting bores then carve out the bowl. You want to keep the inside bore as smooth as possible so I’m iffy about using a long nail or screw. :thinking:. I’m also wondering if someone else here has made handmade wooden pipes :grinning:. Hmmm maybe @garrigan65


Can you make it so the stem is a separate piece? If so, you could select a small branch for that and drill from both ends. Then whittle it to fit to the bowl.

Apple is a hardwood. That said it’s not VERY hard or dense. Briarwood for pipes is root burl for example.

That’s what I would likely do if I were making one.


Sorry to read this @aussie123556, hang in there friend, call someone if you need to. I’ve been where you may be at and the silence is deafening. Reach out if you need to Man. Peace.


@Willd @Screwauger thank you :slight_smile: i really love the snow pics,have never seen snow but it looks like amzing :slight_smile:


Chopin Nocturne Op.55 No.1 By Arthur Rubinstein (15/154) i listened to this about 50 times today,don’t know why my memory remembers 1000notes plus of this song but not whr my lighter is :frowning: lol


Wow! That’s a FINE piece of work, Alan!


Are you in S. Australia? Hopefully not, looks like the folks there are getting some nasty fires, just like California recently. Stay safe!


Hang in there! We’re all of us damaged here so we understand.


@Myfriendis410 Thanks for your input. I have had this wood for a few years as it was going to be a walking stick. I could make it multiple pieces but I kinda wanted to make it a one piece. I’m heading out soon but will try to find a pic of my idea later. Thanks again :hugs:


Those Chopin nocturnes are beautiful and possess the power to evoke deep emotions. I love the way he always changed tempo and volume.


My latest foray into electonica. The Korg NanoKEY studio controller came a day early! yay

According to my YouTube description…
New thing for wicked arcade game or to pipe into a sketchy freight elevator loaded with drugs money and guns

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