Artistry Under the Influence


This topic has been created with the intention of assembling the output of ILGM members have created while they are under the influence of cannabis.
No solicitation is allowed but sharing of methods and inspirations behind the works is “highly” encouraged.

@DieHigh55 @BIGE @DoomSack @Whodat66 and anyone else with a gift of the ability to express their vision through art & craftwork should visit and post often. I only tagged the folks I recall sharing artistry in the Morning Garden, but I’m sure there are more so please spread the word so we may all enjoy their visions. Tag as many of your ILGM friends when you post your work.
:hugs: :heart_eyes: :art:

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Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued
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Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued
Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

Wow what a great idea for a thread
I would be interesting to see the creativity theyvthe members have
I my self have zero talent when it comes to art but can appreciate it
I’ll say this I have often been stuck thinking a problem out stopped tookna smoke break came back and saw the problem immediately so I know it can get the juices flowing as they say
Good call @Willd this should get interesting


Cool! Gonna get some artwork. @bob31 suggested @Stomper be tagged too.


All the credit goes to @BIGE. It was his idea. I just helped make it happen


Late at night, when my head is full of weed and wine, I draw, using charcoal, pencils, chalk and conte. I’m doing a series of silent film actresses, they had a natural extraordinary beauty that I don’t think is found anymore. I hope I’m doing them justice.

Lillian Gish:

Mary Pickford:

Can’t do oil paintings when I’m high, though, the brain/hand/eye coordination isn’t there any more.
“The Whiskey Maid”


Skills @DieHigh55 skills
Nice work brother


Thank you, brother, so I glad I was thrown out of art class in HIGH school :grin:


Well it’s obvious you don’t know what your doing lol and probably where wasting space lol @DieHigh55
Ps I’m think the art teacher probably sucks at art lol


always felt artistic, but have absolutely no drawing ability. Took me a long time to find an artistic niche. Went back to my construction roots. I taught myself to make stained glass. I haven’t done much the last year after wife got sick. Yall are makin me miss it.


More like I was in space wasted, those were the lyseric days. But they were fun!


You brought chills and tears Alan. Thank you!


Aw shucks! Now you’re making me teary and snotty, nothing better for an artists’ ego than a nice compliment.


@DieHigh55 you got some serious skill in you! That painting looks like something you would see in a museum. Those portraits look like they could start talking.


Hahaha nice @DieHigh55



That’s some super nice stained glass @bryan
I have zero art skills so I’m jealous of you guys haha


Duuuude…The Whiskey maid is way greatness! VEry nice, reminds me of studying the classics, very impressive!
Very nice portraits, charcoal is so relaxing. Those eyes have life, and nice portions. ALso that hair and skin woo hoo.


I am the opposite. I can’t sit still to do artwork if I’m not stoned.


Out of likes for today, very refreshing topic @Willd.


it was @BIGE’s idea