Artificial outdoor lights and their effects on flower time

Trying to decide what to grow outside this spring. I started my first grow in a nice 2x4 tent which is now in its 5 th week of flower. I would like to put four plants on my back porch deck but after reading how just a bit of light even a flashlight during their dark time could effect their flower cycle I worry that the lights from my porch which come on at will when I let my dogs out or when a random squirrel runs by. I bought my seeds for my first grow from ilgm (GDP and GG #4 feminized). I took clones off them before putting them into flower which are growing nicely under a grow light in my house. I also just purchased dosido feminized seed which I’m waiting for now to come in. Will I be able to put either use the clones or new seedlings outside on my porch without worry about automatic lights coming on during night hours in flower. I was hoping that they would become accustomed to the lights more so than the controlled environment of the tent.

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This is a valid concern many overlook when wanting to grow outdoors in an urban or suburban environment.

In your case it may be that autoflowering plants would be a better choice for outdoors: they don’t care. The other option is to grow in containers and bring in at night.


Great advice above!


Welcome to the community ! Another option would be eliminate the motion lights till you finish your grow. Good luck


The few autos I grew outside did well with tons of background lights at night

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I think you mainly have issues if they are in pots and moved to where they get outside light when they normally don’t, now with that said seeds started in the soil not to far from street lights seem to do fine.

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So do you think if I continue to expose my new clones to night light indoors, they would be accustomed to the porch lights if I put them out there in the spring. I keep the lights on them 24/7 but dim them dow at night a bit while we sleep. I really didn’t want to go the auto flower route if I didn’t have to. I could also start new feminized seeds and put them out there when they are young to maybe get them new to the porch light scene from the start. Don’t think I want to shut my lights off for the entire flower season.

Hard to see as I have no visual of your setup but if it’s not direct light you should be ok. Give it a try that’s the only way you will know.

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