Article: "DEA finally ends fed monopoly on schwaggy research-grade cannabis"

Excerpt: “In other words, the feds are ending their monopoly on cannabis grown for scientific purposes. And that means American researchers can, for the first time ever, conduct studies using real-world cannabis instead of the terrible low-THC schwag they’ve been forced to use for decades.”

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Here is the link, if it’s OK to post:


Thanks for the link to this article. Pretty sad that the govt. acted that way. :rofl: :bat: :crazy_face:

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Government hates competition. That pretty much sums it up.

Have you looked into why we don’t have hemp toilet paper? It would make more sense to make toilet paper from hemp, than trees.
It’s softer
It’s renewable, every 5 months
No deforestation
And lower carbon footprint overall, because it’s easier to process, and manufacture.
But guess what? It would make too much financial sense… :neutral_face:


I resent this statement!!


It all began with the govt Reefer Madness push in the 1950’s. :rofl: :bat:


LOL! Yeah, even earlier; the propaganda film came out in 1936. What a shame, but I’m glad that things have been turning around. I hope that soon the feds reclassify mj.

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If the “people” voted on it, it would have better oversight, and fair laws of what we think would be fair, not what “they” would think is fair.

Put it plainly, if there’s so much weed, it would drive the prices down to almost nothing. If someone is allowed to grow as much as they want everywhere, the people would give it away. You can’t compete with free.


The other point is, something of this kind of value and beneficial, should be free, if it’s needed by some. Some do rely on this medicine, and it’s so much better than anything a drug company manufacturers. Better for you, but no profit to them, so it’s the last direction they want to take.
I see you @PurpNGold74 :grin:


The “people” passed Initiative 65 here is the Sip. It was promptly overturned this week… not filed ‘constitutionally’….

Mississippi has so crassbackwards setup, where u need 1/5 of all signatures from each of the 5 state districts. In 2000 we moved to 4 districts. So apparently every initiative offered and passed since then are legally impossible to pass…

If the process works to pass other measures. But then its not valid to pass what WE THE PEOPLE (by 70%+ btw) have voted on…. I mean doesnt that make them the unconstitutional ones?!? This :poop: is for the birds

Did they not change the state flag?


Haha yea I saw u typing too. Was in midrant. Sorry to be on my soapbox… but i cannot STAND the boat weed has been shoved into


Process definitely works for other “socially acceptable” situations/things, but not cannabis. This is unacceptable. The governors/senate do not know what’s best for us… 70% btw should speak volumes! You’re 100% right though.


Why the fear of cannabis by those in power? The positives of this plant are far greater than any negatives. :rofl: :bat:

For one, less “big pharma” $ support?

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It’ll actually relieve pain and help people sleep better at night without getting them addicted to pills that go for $30+ a pop that everyone can grow in a patch of soil in their backurd?


Maybe a reason for term limits for elected office holders.


Since using mj beginning earlier this year, my sleep has improved so much!


That movie is funny and sad at the same time