Arrow's labour of love

Beautiful garden Arrow. Perfect specimens


That’s definitely a game changer. And it makes perfect sense. They are twins and need the exact same thing. :thinking:
That’s why you are my Sensei My Brother! :wink::v::call_me_hand:


thanks fam :pray:…appreciate your kind remarks… @Glam @KoolHandLuke @AfgVet and @Dman1969:sunglasses: :v:


So I have a question, why do you wrap the wire around the branches? Also whats the process of the wrap, it looks difficult to work? Thanks bud. You are an amazing person in General and I’m sure you’ve been told, your techniques are extremely impressive.


@Getfocsd , the wire is there to direct the branch where @Arrow wants it to go. That way he doesn’t damage the stem and since the wire is semi rigid, it’s strong enough to hold the branch the way he needs it to go… :nerd_face:


works the same as training bonsai plants.


aahhh…solid question…have a look at the thickness of the branch …take something slightly bigger in circumference and wrap your wire around that…you will end up with a “spring” once you remove that from the wrap…now reverse screw that onto the branch, and do your directional bends… :crazy_face:

my brothers monk and kap got you… :sunglasses: :v:


When you bent the two top pics 90°, does the stem split a lil? I feel when I make bends like that they always split.


I’ve split more than I care to mention. But if you got some aloe or honey on hand. No worries :wink: I have a crash cart for just such occasions. Happy Growin and Keep on keepin on. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


I’ve found that leaving a piece sticking up where u top helps some from that split. Also if u do so much of a bend per day til it’s where u want it not slam the bend at once. Sometimes one hard bend causes that break hours down the road and u won’t even know til next day so slow is key arrow and kap just strait up break bones when they do it lol.


as @Dman1969 pointed out…you will be breaking more plants down the line :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:…your crash cart is a must have, and aloe is one crucial tool in that kit…as @Mark0427 stated…leave a stub where you top, it does help keeping the stem intact… :+1:

do stem flexing every time you walk past your plant, specially if you know you going to cut it up, it will knuckle before you even take the top off… :wink:
you can also do a hybrid mains :upside_down_face:…insted of just pulling the mains flat…leave them as a Y…and then super the 2 branches creating the Y… :crazy_face:…i have found this to be the strongest mains on a mainline…hope this helps some…

:sunglasses: :v:


I have 1 I topped and forgot about it. I think it’s the cheese plant and then the clones I took from that I don’t remember dropping anything else but the cheese and the blue dream and only got one clone off the blue dream solo grow and it’s marked. I forgot to mark this one but most positive it’s cheese and she grew fast


Looking great


thank you :pray: kind sir… :sunglasses: :v:


Man I don’t see how u guys do it. :laughing:. This solo is killing me or I’m killing it one of the 2 never a break with it lol. Think I should strip all but the very tips and flip her to flower now. She is like a foot. BY a foot by a foot




thanks my silent friend… :pray: …appreciate you looking in… :sunglasses: :v:


Any clues as good ways to refresh the coco without harming the plants. My scrog don’t seem like the buds are growing near like they usually do usually buds are fattening up.nice by now and they r there just super small ass buds don’t look like they r filling in. I’ll water today water only and get numbers from them and see where it lies. If I hit an issue if u don’t mind I’ll stop back in for an answer if u may have one for the questions needed to be asked. I don’t wanna get it this far and have to give up on it as the mama plant has some real good bud on it so kinda looking fwd to this run if it comes out :joy::joy:

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lil update…girls are somewhere in week 3… :sweat_smile:

culled the clones down to 5… :crazy_face:

lil Peyote bud…

lil Platinum bud…

for shits and giggles… :joy:

stay safe, stay well and stay lit…
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hit us with the numbers, you know someone will have the answer…it may not be me, but we can tag someone that does… :sunglasses: :v: