Arrow's labour of love


@Arrow , Mother Nature gives and Mother Nature takes away , even on one of your bad weeks things still look lovely :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


thank you @SilvaBack203 and @KoolHandLuke:peace_symbol: :pray:

:point_up_2: This is an absolute truth…10 to 15% harvest is normally what she takes …or she leaves you for a lil while…and then cracks the whip :smiling_imp::sunglasses: :v:


the lil planties…up potted, introducing a hard re-veg Cherry Pie and a Big Gun … :wink: :joy:

B L-R…Winning Cake,Truffle Butter, Triangle
F L-R…Platinum GSC, Cherrie Pie, Truffle Butter

the CP is a hard re-veg, take a closer look at her leaves…she may even turn ‘monster’ lol…lets see how long it takes her to figure out where she is at… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the :point_up_2: big girls got trained again… :face_with_monocle:

the big gun is a victory electrostatic fumigation/fogger…works real well when you need to do your whole garden… :partying_face: stay safe fam… :sunglasses: :v:


Looks like a battery operated super soaker hand gun lol. Loving ur plants man. One day I shall be as good as u at this hobby or sport as I call it.


Is this what you are getting at? Like a three toed sloth?
But seriously, what do mean by hard reveg? Like our daughter’s 36 hours of labor. Gramps for the 2nd time.


Yeah, I’d lock that up when not in use if there where kids around.


@Arrow , girls look healthy and nice


How’s it going my friend? I have a question about revegging, when you reveg a plant what are you trying to get it to do? Is this something that gives you a bigger or better plant?:sunflower::sunflower:


Haven’t been round much, but sorry to see the mite bites…. But thanks got sharing! I’ll see if I can grab a bottle of that stuff round my way.

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Is there are any chance the real purpose of this device is much more than electrostatic charges?
I’m sure I could get one for short money…lol

(This is meant as a humorous but well intentioned reply)


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Aww bro I’ve been down lately ill but I hope the battled has faired well. These gals look outstanding as always. I’ve got some black valium babies up rn and am planning to twist em up. Thought about u of course. Hope everything is rebounding nicely :sunglasses::pray:

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lol…both come with injuries…choice is yours… :wink:

this was a flower/cola, …this is/was a clone…at some point, :wink: …then it went into flower…again …and this is what i currently have, i did some major surgery on her at a very early stage ( you can see were i cut the branches )…when you end up with something like this :point_down:

the only way to ‘convince’ the plant that it is in a veg state is to up the ‘light time’ … 16hr + …hence my term…hard re-veg…this may take some time…most growers dont waste time whith these plants… :smiling_imp:…this may be the beginnings of a Monster… :wink:

lol… :joy:…way past that stage brother… :partying_face:

:pray:…i thank you my friend… :peace_symbol:

we all well my side of the pond :blush:…thanks for asking sis, hope you and yours are well and safe…

as per my answer to @beardless …this pretty much is up to you as the grower…you determine the light cycle ( photo plants )… you can determine all sorts of things

same story brother…and im going to cut down even more,…end of the year is my worst… :pray:

WTF :astonished:…thanks for sharing…im going to be All over this… :peace_symbol:

good vibes being send your way…heal up quick bro :pray:

thanks for looking… :sunglasses: :v:


Am I in time out again?

I really was intrigued by the device and coming on the heels of your recent catastrophe, seemed perfectly credible. I am beyond mortified if you had no idea or if it’s even accurate.

The point is I admire your generosity of time and knowledge and the evidence is in all right here; good bad ugly.

I’m so sorry if I’m in error or out of line.

Truly I am


Given the terrible pest problem you had to deal with AND leaving your girls in such a compromised state I could only imagine you (or anyone here) grabbing the best available tools for the task. My sense is you do not trifle over money when it comes to your girls, and the results are consistently lauded here as well. I have been under some strain of late and not all of my own making. Needless to say I think my anxiety got the better of me thinking you were upset with me for posting this news. I just thought of the terrible supply chain issues we face on this side of the pond and imagined it might well be much worse over there. Certainly I would not myself be agonizing over the reviews on Amazon of a device that might quickly and efficiently ameliorate a large part of this invasion of bad bugs. If my girls were infected or infested as horribly, and they are not thank god, I would be scrambling to destroy the pests with any and all tools available.
I am also a very timid newb here and hesitant to post much. I had to go back and read your reply and realized my focus on wtf was not aimed at my comment but expressing your shock at further complications from this recent attack of mites. I’m certain now that you were blind sided by this recall and my reaction was mistaken.

I do hope things are improving there and I know you will continue to share your inspiring and creative ideas here in spite of this madness. :gun:
Onward and upward my friend would tell me….


Dammit My Brother I know your hands are tired from all that! I bet you’ve trimmed with less pain! :sweat_smile::rofl::joy: I know your probably asleep :sleeping: and I hope you slept well! Keep on keeping on! You do it like no other! :wink::sunglasses::v::metal:


you are not out of line…i appreciate you sharing the info, this is why most of us are here on the forums…i thank you for that…i have lost waaayyyyy more than that lil plant…i will lose more again…its part of this life… :pray:

thanks my friend …you know i will keep on…my time is very limited of late…but know this…my planties are rocking on… :sunglasses: :v:


Indeed brother…. wisdom in words and deeds.

Hoping you find strength in the things that remain…
I’m sending a bit of Van Morrison inspiration your way. A Sense of Wonder and an excerpt from William Blake’s Four Zoas; The Price of Experience :handshake:

That passage grounds me in difficult times like the tools of your technique ground your girls.

“Thus could I sing and thus rejoice but it is not so with me”



good vibes… :pray: :sunglasses: :peace_symbol:


quick update before i disappear again… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

meet the next wave girls…i will put them into flower in 2 weeks time…
first up is the Winning Cake girl…this is the plant with the smallest leaves i have ever grown… she has a very appealing structure…i took clones to experiment with in our sun … :crazy_face:

Triangle or better known as Triangle Kush…solid plantie…

Truffle Butter/Budder…slow grower… but a strong plant…

the flower girls…first up is the Platinum Girl Scout Cookie… :upside_down_face:

solo cup girl…very pleased with her fade… she will be harvested this weekend…

Peyote WiFi…this hybrid is very much underrated…i enjoy growing this plant…

stay safe, stay well and stay lit… :sunglasses: :v: