Arrow's labour of love

Awe on the fam reunion… This world has become a crazy place…enjoy every moment with your son…

I’m also looking at building a cheap gravity feed system … I would like to see your setup, when you build it, if you don’t mind …:sunglasses::v:


Photo WA0022 - Clearly, you are playing with us. Awesome


I’m afraid my irrigation efforts will likely end up on the cutting room floor, but TY.
Last visit to Canada was a whirlwind of gastronomy; mostly gastro pubs or trips to the old city of Guelph. Aside from finding parking, that place is a very cool place for old hippies.

Now I’m in need of good strong coffee after a late night watching Frenchy work. (totally unaware of him)

My condolences……

and apologies for going off topic so far and so often.


LoL …thanks my friend :joy:. I have some knowledge of this specific strain, she can shoot up to 1,5m seemingly over night, so I had to reign her in from the beginning, cause I won’t be able to handle that height in my zone …:wink:

I slapped a 4 pot system together real quick, will test it out on some spinach …running a 25 l water container and some piping with 4 stakes and lil taps … Sorry for the crap pics, sun is sitting at a bad angle …

Let’s see what happens … :joy::wink::sunglasses::v:


You have my utmost interest in this My Brother!! :thinking::sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Hoooooo, more learning to be had!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Dman1969 @kaptain3d I’m shooting for a system that can handle 4 to 6 plants for at least 2 weeks, so I’m going to ad 2 more drippers to this system and see where I’m at …bearing in mind, I’m in the midst of winter, so transpiration and evaporation is at its lowest currently …:sunglasses::v:


That’s would be perfect for my grow area. I don’t think I can handle more than six plants at this point. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:
I’m fina get my :giraffe::lips: on, its Wakee Bakee time !!:wink::drooling_face:


I will probably end up with 1 container, feeding 4 plants, I think I’ll be more comfortable with having some left in reserve, than running on the low to empty side …enjoy you W&B my friend …:wink::sunglasses::v:


I’m always a bit surprised (but shouldn’t be) that there are many folks checking in here with similar problems, large or small, and someone always comes through.

I broke down and ordered the Tera pump on Amazon myself after realizing I’m no engineer and that I could overthink a NASA mission specialist.

I started thinking about just the inside grow space (two 4x4) and realized each plant has different water requirements and transpiration. If I just gravity feed the liquids from a reservoir I’ll need a sensor, a shutoff, a timer, maybe a pump……holy s.

That was enough to send me shopping for the portable pump (think it was on one of @Hellraiser journals)

Just finding decent containers with lids is a challenge for me right now.

I will attempt a system for outdoor plants once my supplies arrive. I seriously considered just putting one of those solar powered bird bath fountains between every two plants.

My wife finally said she could water them and why was I getting all worked up. Once I’m on the road all bets are off. My daughter even admitted she doesn’t wanna get involved with this adventure of mine because she’s as OCD as her dad and will NEVER be free again ……lol


Solo update …

The rest of the flower girls …no real stretch due to the cold, nonetheless the girls seem happy…



great stuff bud!


Thanks my monk brother …:pray::sunglasses::v:


The solo on aloe…lol

I’m prepped to apply foliar first aid to over fed residents in veg tent
2 teaspoons fresh aloe juice in 4.5 liters of filtered and PH’d water
Can’t hurt…

Trimmed lower leaves on newbies yesterday for second opinions
Took the loupe to front and back looking for pests but found nada


How you storing all these seeds. I’ve got a ton in unopened packs and fron there they’re in the little tubes. Try to keep em in the dark but that’s all I’ve done so far m. Tips needed.


My wife and neighbor tell me the same thing. Why do u keep getting seeds and not growing them. I said one day i wont be able to buy seeds and guess what. Ill habe a bunch so shut up. Lol. I was up to about a 1000 seeds gave a bit up to some good peoples. I still enjoy collecting seeds lol. Its like a bad addiction. I am on the verge of talking to a guy about landrace strains he has and heirlooms. Guy seems like he k ows quite a bit about growing and all from the way he makes his posts. Has a post about germing old seeds and all. Seems super informative also. Who is it @kaptain3d i know u know who i am talking about. Lol.


Isn’t it Docdre on the “other” forum… :thinking:


Nope. PB is initials of site name. KB is his name initials. Lol.


Send it

Fully agree with you @Mark0427 , half expecting once it’s legal and regulated down here , the govt incorporated will make a deal with seed banks around the world and allow them to sell to us kiwis but only selected strains with a thc limit of 15%. Like you bro I’m not having that, taken me years to get my greedy hands on legit strains and have zero intentions of stopping now , thanks to this forum I’m now in a small very like minded group of kiwis that believe seeds will become a currency of sorts and on a mission to stockpile as many seeds and strains as we can. Very interested on hearing ways how you fullas long term store your seeds?