Arrow's labour of love

Arrow- life can sure be interesting at times. Especially with all of us misfits lurking about. Your girls look great. Sorry about your trim jail thing, you won’t get much love from me on that. How about snip and done-

She was 5" tall, and one big bud cut the trunk and she was about done!! I would love to have your problem, lmao. You keep rocking down there. You’re family!


Beautiful work sir - as always Sir! :partying_face: :clinking_glasses: :+1:

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Thanks patch …I’m planning to …:joy:

Thanks Budz …appreciate you looking in…:+1:



Always a pleasure to watch an artist at work - and appreciate. And you always seem to run some crazy strains - always interesting… :+1:

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I leave the genetics to you man, just can’t wrap my head around that. I will be doing some lst soon as I can grow a normal plant, lol. Have a good one sir! Peace…


@BStarr …here you go …:wink:

Yes … You do wash some thrichs of, and yes, that would be the sticky stuff on the side of the bucket …I’ll get to this in a moment …

I’ll handle the items from the top, some are not in screen…

The first bucket you’ll see me add the 3% h2o2 to the water at 250ml /19 l of water…this water is slightly less than Luke warm …

Behind my back, out of pic, is a 10 l bucket, filled half way with a slightly soapy water, a metal grid, and a big sponge …this water is as hot as I can handle …

Bucket 3, you’ll see has an orange colour to it …that is 10 l of luke warm water, mixed in is 125 ml pure lemon juice and 125 ml bicarbonate of soda …( when you mix this, add either one in the water first and add a little at a time, of the other, while stirring, this mix will fizz )…

The middle white bucket has 10 l luke warm water…

The last white bucket has 10 l cold water …

The watering container I used to get the water to all the stations …

The sieve you use to collect plant matter ( trimmed leaves and pistils ) that come loose in the washing process …

Here goes … Cut branches and insert into station 1 ( h2o2 station ) slightly agitate, moving back and fro …use the metal grid to trap all the branches under the water, DO NOT take them out, you can leave them there for up to 5 min …Take the big sponge and skim the surface layer of the water, constantly rinsing in the warm soapy water…I call this the mould stage, that is why you don’t take the branches out immediately, cause the mould will just settle back on your buds …and please don’t anybody tell me you don’t have mould, we ALL have mould, it is omnipresent …after properly skimming the surface of that station, can you remove to the lemon station, slightly agitate the branches again, and then to the rinse stations, taking care to do a proper job along the way …shake of excess water and hang to dry as per your norm …

Trichs WILL come off in the wash, but it is of no concern…to understand this, you need to understand the different thrichs and the structure of the bud …

1 – Bulbous
This trichome type is the tiniest of the three at just 10-15 microns. For the record, the width of human hair is approximately 40 microns. Bulbous trichomes appear on the surface of the whole plant.

2 – Capitate Sessile
These trichomes are slightly larger than their bulbous counterpart, and there are far more of them on the plant. Capitate sessile trichomes consist of a head and a stalk.

3 – Capitate Stalked
These trichomes are the largest and most abundant of the trio. Some of them achieve a size of up to 100 microns. This means it isn’t difficult to see them with the naked eye. Its waxy gland head is the main location for terpene and cannabinoid synthesis."

In your wash you will lose some old, amber and bulb heads …but the majority of the trichs are internal to the bud, so your surface wash will mostly have no effect on potency …take note however that hash plants are specifically bred to have more bulbous thrichs, obviously, so you will lose more in the wash …

You will be hard pressed to find all this :point_up_2: in one place…so I hope somebody learns something …:sunglasses::v:


great info Arrow, thanks.

nice bud patchman!


@Arrow out of likes already and just got on damnit. Oh wrll u already know i :heart: them pics. Think im gonna go ahead and make me an arrow plant. When u and kap bend over the main do u cut any of the stuff that will be on the bottom side of the main or leave it to grow up. Ill try and get u a small pic what i mean


Good lit drop bro. Im bookmarking. Much better then the Jorge Vid lol


Yes sir I do…when doing this method, I cut everything that is not in the horizontally plane, unless its a very vigorous growing point …:+1:

This :point_up_2: is exactly why I created the Flèche training technique …:sunglasses::v:


Uuugh out of like again only like 3 posts wtf. 25 min wait again this sux.


Any one reading this, have access to better and more resources than what Jorge had, at his time, we have to move forward… I believe there may be some others doing the same/similar methods… :v::sunglasses:


Never thought about the soapy sponge idea. Makes sence gonna incorperate into my wash steps. Thanks


That’s so very well thought out and detailed :grinning:
Huge props to you Sensei :clap::raised_hands::+1:


As per always…thanks fam …:pray::sunglasses::v:


Quick lights on …



Everyone’s nice and even. It’s almost like you planned it that way lol.

They look great @Arrow :clap::clap::clap:


Thank you sheriff …my, would you look at that, it does seem sort of level …lol :joy::joy:…thanks for taking the time good sir…I like your avi by the way …:wink::joy::joy::sunglasses::v:


It’s nice huh? I put a lit of work into designing it on tbe computer :roll_eyes:


Looking great in there.

Happy B-day Gremmall!