Arpeggio's 1st journal


Time for a little taste? :tongue: :sushing_face:


Wow! What a great journal with things I’d never thought of.

So you can smoke a 3 week old bud? Doesn’t that taste pretty harsh and bad with the plant still getting nutes? What is the high like?

And harvesting a few colas here and there, I’ve never heard of doing that! I’m surprised the plant doesn’t go into shock and die! I’m also thinking that with no flush the taste would be harsh? And how are you keeping track of when the buds were harvested to dry?

I’m a new grower and there is a lot to learn!


The young buds I’ve been smoking have been accidental; I didn’t set out to harvest 3 week old flowers! But there is an appeal. Really fruity smelling, less THC. Hey tastes good to me – very easy to smoke, and provides a light, heady high.

I think the whole nutes-taste thing is overblown. (I won’t use the word “wives-tale”.) Do your flowers smell more chemically after you’ve given 'em nutes? Think of any other fruit that you consume – apples, bananas: ever taste fertilizer? Biologically speaking, plants and animals don’t just throw chemicals into their cells! They process chemicals for positive use, to strengthen themselves, and make themselves more healthy.

That being said – enough people that I respect are wary. So I make sure that I fresh water a couple of times before harvesting.

It’s not a problem stressing your plants in flower with a semi-harvest, and frankly I haven’t noticed any signs of stress after a partial harvest. Stress in veg can slow growth down. But some people even encourage stress near harvest to spur THC production. (Search this site for “stem-splitting” for instance.)

From the article:

"Robbing plants of essential nutrients at any stage of their life cycle is NOT beneficial for growth. I challenge anyone to provide a single peer reviewed paper from a reputable journal that provides evidence suggesting otherwise.

If this was practical, wouldn’t you expect all big agricultural hydroponic growers adopt the same practice?

Plants take minerals into their tissues, from their roots via the treachery elements; i.e. xylem. Once these minerals are in the plant, they are there to stay, the plant does not expel them, unless it’s through senescence-driven abscission of leaf petioles. From the treachery elements nutrients are translocated into the phloem - the plant’s ‘blood supply’ - after being integrated into various biomolecules, or are used for various metabolic functions. Where is the logic in thinking the plant ‘uses’ these up in that last week of flushing, in order to avoid smoking them? All the N P K Fe Mg Ca etc. is still there.

For arguments sake say we counter the last point by suggesting these minerals in their ‘raw form’ will taste ‘hasher’ or ‘nastier’ in the form of pyrolytic breakdown products (formed when weed is burned) than artifacts of larger biomolecules of which these minerals/macro nutrients are now a part of, for example phosphorylated PO43-. Even if this was the case it still doesn’t correlate with the myth, as the transports steam in the treachery elements is measured in minutes not a week. i.e. a PO43- molecule does not wait around in these vessels for a week before subsequent translocation and modification.

If there was any truth to this myth, then plants grown in soil would always taste worse than plants grown in hydro. Why? Because obviously soil is not an inert medium you can flush for a week. And a plant CANNOT distinguish between a PO43- molecule that comes from soil from that of a PO43- molecule that comes from hydro solution (which also debunks another myth, but we’ll leave that one).

Are there studies that have conducted double blind trials to investigate if flushed weed tastes any ‘sweeter’ than unflushed weed. Again, need peer reviewed papers. And doesn’t have to be weed, can be strawberries or any other type of fruit.

What is the proposed mechanism to support this myth, and how is it consistent with fundamental plant biology.

How does starving the plant of food in the last week increase thc production in the trichome? Papers?

Given, under certain conditions stressed plants upregulate certain defence compounds, but they will almost certainly produce less inflorescence weight per watt of light. Growth is always retarded under stress - not promoted. Nutrient starvation is a form of stress. Looking for peer reviewed papers that suggest otherwise."


Hi all. This week trimmed my final dry and put into cure. Sophia was the ILGM AK-47 auto seed that I planted way late just to get to my 6 plant limit. I definitely gave her afterthought status! I only used all the left-over soil that was sitting in my garage – which included some of my wife’s MiracleGrow(!) to come up with maybe 3 gallons of soil. She was small from the beginning, but strong, healthy and determined! Pretty little lady!

To add to her woes though . . . I had to harvest early due to travel plans. So already stunted, and harvested early . . . she ended up yielding . . . just under 1/2 an ounce! Bringing my final total for this grow to:

19 ounces. (I’ve given away almost half at this point . . .)

I’m going to keep growing, but only one at a time from now on. I’ve got 19 more AK-47 seeds, and I’m going to grow them serially, and non-stop — germinating the next seed after harvesting the product of the last one! I’d like to see if I can get better and better with each iteration.

So I started with Jane; let me end with Jane:

Thanks again! (I’ll be gone for a time, but I’ll be back . . .)


Very cool man
Well done and though she yielded low what a pretty flower she grew into!