Arpeggio's 1st journal


I did give a bit too much credit to the SM-90. I think it’s working. But the reason I didn’t see a lot of WPM on the morning after the big spray . . . was partly because of a big morning dew that morning! The moisture hid the WPM, and in the light of day – still got mildew. I’m continuing to spot spray the plants for WPM every day at around sunset, and it’s under control. But I still have to get after it.


@arpeggio despite hoping to get the mold issues under control, you still have some great looking plants.


Thanks @Covertgrower! It’s appreciated.


The budrot epidemic had me looking real hard. And I found this on one bud of one plant (Vicky):

But you know what? That’s enough. I’m going to harvest everything today, except for Little Sophia, and maybe a few other small buds.

(edited post harvest: OK. Not everything. All of Eileen, most of Victoria. Gave each cola a hydrogen peroxide solution bath, then H2O rinse. Shake and blow dry. . . .)


Let me get this straight… You bleached their hairs, rinse, towel dry then blow-dry. One hell of a Salon you’re running there. May all your hairs be red.


LOL! Believe me; it goes against my instincts. But this is what I did:

(Thanks for the video, @Hogmaster!!!)


A seasoned, experienced grower probably would have hung in. Just one small spot! But I’m gonna have more than I can give away as it is! I’m not going to sell it. And frankly, I don’t smoke that much. . .

There may be some more post-scripts for this thread, but the best is behind me for this grow. THANK YOU so much to @RobertBergman for providing this forum and his great seeds! I can look back on this journal with some fondness over the years! I appreciate the forum AND the people that make the forum so great. (Tempting to name some names, but . . . really everybody!)

:sunny: :sunny: :sunny:


I’m so wired after all that! LOL! I was trying to wind it down, but I like I say . . . .I’m buzzing!!

Here’s what’s left of Vicky . . . with some Elizabeth re-growth. Little Sophia hanging in. (I didn’t end up touching Jane or Bertha . . .)


@bryan Some posts I wish could give a whole bunch of likes! Thanks bro, for the support throughout the thread!


Oh. The song:


Nice job brother good stuff man definitely


Thanks, @Manny_FTGUTube. And thanks for seeing me through! :sunny:


Of course my friend! Glad I got to see a final product my friend!


Cut out the bud rot right away! Take what you cut out FAR away in an airproof bag. Some scary shit. (I buried what I cut out far from my grow! LOL! I didn’t want to contaminate my compost. . .)


I threw it far away haha never gonna come back and hopefully never gonna see it again


I said I wasn’t going to name names, but now that I’ve started. Thanks @Rugar89 especially. Hey you were onboard from day 1! Likewise to @AnneBonny. And the pros: @Hogmaster, @Donaldj, @garrigan65, @Countryboyjvd1971, @peachfuzz. Thanks, all!


We don’t need or deserve credit it all comes down to willingness to ask for help and to learn for yourself I no one grew them for you :wink: all of us learn just as much from you as you do from us the hope is you don’t stop learning and share your success’s and failures with others helping them to learn :slight_smile:


@Donaldj just said it all! Nothing more to add except to say Thank You for the help and advise you have givin me with the Twins.


Woo Hoo! @arpeggio Congrats on the awesome success of this grow. We’re all here to learn and help each other through the good the bad and the ugly. :tada::confetti_ball: Time to celebrate!


Trimmed Eileen. Did a light trim on the greater portion of Vicky. 2 ounces from Eileen . . . 3.8 from Vicky. Eileen is done. The Vicky-harvest will get a bit lighter as I trim her harder . . . but there’s another 4 or 5 colas still drying! So calling Vicky 4 ounces is conservative:

So about 8 ounces for the first three. I’m guessing 8 ounces for the last three!

Notes: I made the right call to harvest Vicky. I left a portion on the stem for later harvest. Some of that became bud-rotted as well. The newly harvested portion had some spots that will be easily removed. I would have been battling budrot in a larger way, and some of the buds that I have right now from Vicky are the prettiest of the three plants!

That being said . . . I could have let Eileen go longer. No trace of budrot on her, . . . even though she was older.

So WPM moves easily between plants. At least by my experience, . . . budrot is more plant specific. (Neither Jane nor Bertha have any traces . . .)