Arpeggio's 1st journal


It’s so funny. I’ve got some great cured bud! A friend of mine gave me some Snowsweet Green A+ Humboldt County bud! Zoom in and look; really beautiful thick stuff. And . . .

I’d rather smoke my 3 week old flowers! Now THAT’s called home field advantage! :smile:

I’ve got other good stuff, too that’s just been sitting there. I Love Growing Marijuana! AND I love consuming what I’ve grown! (I presume any other home gardner would feel the same way . . .) :sunny:


I’ve got a theory about what happened to Jane. She was born in 2016, and was flowering before revegging for the summer. I put her into LST for a time, which was a mistake. The plant I put into LST was not a young seedling; she was re-vegging and so was too old for the LST.


If you need a recipe for a great coconut oil I have one but it takes about 10 -12 days to make so you don’t want to be in a hurry for about two weeks but it will knock you in the dirt and you can use it to infuse your butters and other oils if you’re into that stuff


@Hogmaster, hey I’m feeling the love my friend!! :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:


It has to be done sometimes :wink:





(Remember the scale is much different on these two pics. The second pic shows a much larger plant.)


One more, then done for awhile! Early-morning Eileen:


Oh! But I’ve gotta post a song! (So I might as well post a few pics first!)

Still leaving the top-shelf stuff in the jar!

The Queen & Eileen:

I can’t identify this:

Liz Lives!

And, finally . . . .



I was thinking for the last couple of weeks . . .wow; too bad a seagull (I live close to the San Francisco Bay) took a dump on Vicky! But then I noticed spots showing up more and more, and a friend thought it might be WPM. I’m pretty sure it is.

Reading up on this stuff (here and elsewhere) . . . WPM can completely destroy the entire grow! I hope I caught it early enough. Currently leaning towards a product called Nutrilife SM-90 to treat.


I’m glad caught it in time!


So the SM-90 arrived yesterday. I attacked the WPM at sunset. This morning? Not a trace of mildew!

I first tried the mold control of the ILGM marijuana protector trio, which was supposed to be effective against WPM to no avail. I didn’t see any improvement. I considered some of the home remedies like diluted milk. But do you really want your plants to smell like sour milk? SM-90 got good reviews on-line, no problem with using it in flower, and it actually smells really good! Here’s a couple of pictures of Queen Vicky in the mildew aftermath, and three buds from Eileen:




Thank you @Growit! I’m glad you enjoyed the thread!


You are doing great, wish mine looked like that!!


Awesome @arpeggio I’m glad you found something that works. Nothing worse than a ruined crop!


I use an iPhone 6 to take photos, and I’m learning what works. Sometimes I look at something that deserves a photo, I take the photo, and the beauty that I originally saw in real life just doesn’t come across! I’m sure a real photographer would generally do better, but one thing that I’ve learned: photos look better when taken outdoors in natural light in the early morning and at twilight.


I screwed up a bit and stressed my ladies. I decided I should do a Sledgehammer flush to clean up the fabric pots. Then, the next feed, since I had just run out of the FF trio, I decided to use the GH stuff that I had purchased for an indoor grow. (Which I’m not going to do now.) The result? A lot of yellow, dying bottom leaves. I thought “wow, that flush didn’t turn out too well!”

Of course not. I forgot to pH the GH feed! The next GH feed, I measured and the pH was . . . 4.0! So basically I took residual nutrients out of the soil with a flush and then locked the soil down so my ladies couldn’t get any nutes! Ouch!

Got it corrected now. Man. I hate doing stooopid stuff! Calls for a song:

One thing kind of strange with the pH up and down I have. My tap water is at 8.0; to get a gallon down to 6.5, I have to put just a very small portion of a single pipette. But to go up from 4.0 to 6.5 . . . 9 full pipettes!


just remember, it’s not whether we make a mistake, but whether we repeat it. didn’t need them dang lower leaves anyway.


Here’s the current grow. Queen Victoria:

Eileen with Bertha:


Little Sophia:

Liz re-growth: