Arpeggio's 1st journal


Thanks Manny! Hey, if you’re ever up North in San Francisco . . . let me know, and we’ll swap some buds! :smile:


Thanks brother! I would dbe more than down for that definitely hit you up if I’m up that way, and if you’re ever down in the Mojave same goes for you bro. We’ll get together and have a few bowls


So part of Jane tipped over last night! I’m not sure if a raccoon or some other varmint was responsible, but no harm was done. (It’s only 11 am and look how the leaves on the left fallen side have already adjusted!) I’ll shore her up today, but leave her low like that.

On the positive side, Jane has started to flower. Bertha went into flower mode a couple of days ago, so now all 5 of the big girls are there. Little Sophia (ILGM AK47 auto) is 3 1/2 weeks old, and still less than 2 inches tall! Hopefully she’l take off soon.

Jane is about 43 inches tall . . . and almost 5 feet wide now, thanks to the tilt! She’s got the most biomass of any of the girls by far. Here she is:


Here’s Liz’s other top bud. If there’s any amber at all to the trichomes by Sunday, I’ll harvest top 4 of 14. If not, I’ll wait.


And new Queen Victoria’s top cola, at a week of flower. She’s just over 4 feet tall, and never topped, so I have a feeling this cola is going to be . . . majestic! :sunny:


My little Ozeri digital scale came in today from Amazon. I took down the drying cola, just to see: 1.2 ozs, untrimmed after 4 days of drying. Obviously that will shrink substantially – I’m not experienced enough to guess how much. I was thinking the whole plant would produce 2 ozs. Now I’m guessing significantly more. . .

It’ll be interesting to see. Another pic? Another song? :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:


(Ok. Done for a few days . . .)


Continued the plan of harvesting over time. Week 8 of flower; 4 more colas taken. Here’s a pic from yesterday – they’re still young by ILGM standards, but if you zoom in, you’ll notice maybe 15% amber? 10 colas left on the plant. I’ll take some week 9; some week 10.

I’ll trim and begin curing last week’s harvest today . . .


Bought a dozen small jars for curing so many partial harvests(!) . . . and then for gifting to friends.




Looking beautiful my friend is this the first harvest?


First real harvest. Jane was flowering in March, and I had some of that before she re-vegged. But nothing like this. Almost a half an ounce going into cure, and there’s a lot more to come from her! Stoked!


Beautiful man I’ll be right along side of you in probably a week or so aahhh can’t wait! I’ma keep an eye on you brotha


Are you going to wet trim or dry trim?


I was thinking of dry trimming but the last trim I did (not my grow just wanted to be apart of it) was a wet trim straight off the stalk. I heard it’s better to leave the sugar leaves on while drying so that it gives a better taste and helps dry a little slower BUT I’ve also heard it helps create mold so I’m kind of on the fence about it.


Obviously . . .I decided on dry trim! :slight_smile:


Whatcha gonna do with the dry trimming brother?


Good question. At this point, I’m just curing it. Maybe butter? I’m not really a cook.


Nice did you get any of those humidity packs? Or are you just gonna wing it