Arpeggio's 1st journal


No problem man, just read the whole journal and it’s very interesting. Thought it was cool that you had two plants in a pot, doesn’t seem like it’s effected anything though! I like the songs too! I listened to a few, favorite so far was definitely “Don’t Play It By The Book”


Thanks Manny. I think part of what makes this site work so well is the kinship between growers. From the big boys with warehouses full, to the backyard growers with just one or a few: we suffer through the same trials and tribulations, and we get the same joy when the ladies do well!

PLUS . . . I love looking at the pictures! And (in your case) the videos! Best and mystical wishes!


That’s awesome!! The intro sucks so I’d suggest changing it but the song rocks!!!


Yeah plus everyone on here is just so helpful to each other, or willing to throw in their two cents and it’s rarely ever negative! Definitely my favorite forum for growing. I figured I’d do videos because why not haha I got the camera for it so might as well take advantage of the HD Video lol.


Yeah, you might be right. Kind of risky to start so slow – some might not listen long enough to get to the song. But what the hell! It isn’t like a ton of people would be listening with a better intro! LOL! And at this point I’m happy if anybody listens! :smile:


I think you are being too himble. That song has personality, energy and a strong vibe/message. The intro sounds like elevator music. Don’t torture us…


I know about music btw but I’m not subjective I think from a producers perspective


Not ideal; I did it because I figured I would be screening the males. I started with 4 in a 3 gallon, and 3 in a 2 gallon. I transplanted to 7 gallon fabric pots before any showed, and ended up pulling 3. Yeah, they’re fine growing together – I presume in the wild their roots intertwine all of the time. The only issue is feeding 'em; when one is in flower and the other is in veg, I would like to feed them differently, but I can’t really do that.


Yeah I figured but how far off are they just a couple weeks or months or are they just completely in different stages


Yeah, it’s weird. The 4 germinated at about the same time. One has been in flower for 6 or 7 weeks. One just started flowering. Still waiting on the other two. I’ll harvest Liz on Sunday . . . earlier than I should, for two reasons: 1) Grab some glory now before any disaster strikes! I’m not sure how much harvest there is, but there’s a dozen buds – one being over a foot long! I’m guessing a couple of ounces or more? and 2) give Vicky a chance to benefit for the rest of the grow by having the pot to herself.


And here’s the 6th plant … 2 week old baby Sophia from ILGM (AK47 auto). I gave her her first nutes today.


So now they ARE both in flower. Vicky started flowering a couple of days ago, and that’s made me re-think the plan. I’m gonna do just a partial harvest now; take the big cola, and leave the lower flowers so they can fill out:

Elizabeth isn’t that tall: just 3 feet. But the other colas on her are only at about 2 feet or less, and branch wide. So from that point of view, they’re already out of Victoria’s way! I’ll get to have some harvest, yet still maximize most of the plant.

Liz’s top cola is bigger than any other I’ve seen in my limited experience. Sorry not to max that out, BUT . . . untopped Victoria’s top cola will eventually be the topper! I’ll partially harvest Liz on Sunday before the next scheduled feeding.

The Queen is dead! Long Live The Queen!


Looking good brother! definitely some tasty lookin buds, and now since theyre both in flowering you should be able to feed them closely to the same. Either way good luck my friend!


Got back into town and . . .


She looks great, but I still see all white pistils which means she could have definitely went longer! But good job!!



Yeah; you’re absolutely right. Learning purposes for me. There’s a lot more of the plant to harvest, and I’ll harvest her (and the others) over time to get a first hand understanding. Here’s another bud on Elizabeth:


those are some nice looking plants. Be proud!!


There are about a dozen more colas on Elizabeth; obviously not as big as the one I took, but still; much more bud remains on the stem – probably 6 to 8 times more than what’s currently drying.

I want to continue to harvest in stages, so with a dozen colas . . . maybe 4 colas a week? So 3 more weeks to finish the harvest of the plant. I’ll treat each harvest separately so I can see for myself the differences between early harvest and late – both in appearance and effect. Here’s another Liz bud:

And here’s a pic showing most of Liz’s buds (there are a few on the other side of Vicky) together with a Vicky bud – top left yellowish flower.

The white flies and leafhoppers are not an issue anymore, but I’ve started to notice some gnats. Just ordering some yellow sticky traps on Amazon; we’ll see how those work.


Just dawned on me – I can count the colas by counting the branches (duh) and there’s 14. I’ll continue to harvest from the top, because it seems like currently more amber pistils on the top branches. Here’s one of the two top buds:


That is gorgeous my friend!