Arpeggio's 1st journal


Do you need any help with nutes? If you do I know this guy that… :wink:


So this is where having them in the same pot creates an issue. I should be feeding Victoria differently than I’m feeding Elizabeth. Not really possible in my situation.

(Hmm. Well actually, I guess I could water/feed Elizabeth’s half differently than I water Victoria’s half. . .)

I’m tempted to harvest Elizabeth early so Victoria gets the pot to herself for her flowering. But Elizabeth gets prettier every day . . . it would be crime to cut her down!


Well at least you have the option to separate them. lol


It turned out great for you! I won’t be trying that . . . LOL!


Oh Geez! Almost forgot the song! :laughing:


young flower pistil porn!


So how do I get the rest of 'em to start flowering . . . just a waiting game, or is there something I can do?


About the time I was starting this thread, one of 6 gals decided to be a guy! Which sucked because I put a couple of ladies to compost to comply with California law and get down to 6 plants. My plants are growing in a side yard, and though they can’t be seen from the street without opening a gate or peeking over the fence; or looking through a knot hole or a crack. Still, I’m in the suburbs in a fairly well-populated neighborhood and somebody could end up reporting the grow. So I want to stay compliant with the law.

It’s late in the season, but I decided to germinate one of my AK47 auto seeds I bought from ILGM to get back up to legal 6. I decided to use a root plug, and noticed this morning that the seed was getting pushed up to the surface by the root. Named her Sophia:


My first one pushed out of the soil and was laying on top. Seed roots and all. Replanted deeper and she was fine.


LOL! I guess I see how that could happen; we’ll see what she looks like in the AM. :sunny:

I’ve got the root plug in a solo cup surrounded by Jobe’s Natural and Organic Potting Mix, which is the same stuff I’ve used for the rest of the grow:

Sphagnum peat moss, aged or composted softwood bark, forest products, compost, peanut hulls, perlite, dolomitic limestone and organic wetting agent.

(Actually TWO solo cups: a clear one inside of a solid colored one on the outside. That way I can check the roots.)

I put her outdoors from the start. She won’t be getting quite as much sun as the others – they all get pretty much full sun all day. But one thing I’ve discovered – pot plants love sun!



Late afternoon in the arpeggio garden. Elizabeth used to be taller than Victoria – no longer. Victoria keeps vegging while Liz is over a month in flower. Victoria to the left, Bertha and Eileen in the background. Bertha’s nearing 4 feet tall, even though I’ve topped her a few times:


Picture in last light tonight. I didn’t water today, though it seemed like they wanted water. I can’t be home all of the time, and I want them to be able to take a bit of thirst. I’ll feed tomorrow morning, sticking to the twice-a-week Fox Farms schedule.

I’ll definitely harvest Elizabeth earlier than most would say I should. For one, she’s sharing a pot; her harvest will probably help Victoria.

Next: why not learn what early bud is like? I really enjoyed smoking Jane’s (even younger) first harvest. I’ve got 6 plants, and I’m not going to be selling anything, so it isn’t like I need to maximize my yield! I’m already way flush from gifts and I only smoke about an ounce a year (just a pinch a night. . . . plus . . .) :slight_smile: I plan to buy some small jars and give away a bunch to my friends.

Kind of interesting. Pot prices are already way down. I remember $400-$500 ounces. Now in N. Cal. it’s more like $150- $200.

Legality changes everything.

I won’t be posting music quite so frequently – that’s probably made this thread the least popular grow journal in ILGM history! :laughing:

I’ve got a recording session on the 25th. I’ll post the result . . . !


Ok, I lied. :blush:

Here’s another cannabis-oriented song that was produced by the other song-writer: Jason Tyndall. Not quite as slick as some of my other stuff, but I like it! My lyric and melody (and voice of course). Jason’s track and title!


Here’s Elizabeth’s current (yesterday) state of royalty! :sunny:


And here’s the new song. Just finished recording it today!

(Hmmm. I better tag a music fan!!! . . . @Countryboyjvd1971) :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:


Don’t Play It By The Book (Holding Up The Stars)
lyrics by Jack Foster III music by Jack Foster III and Robert Berry

It’s a hashtag morning but it’s not surprising
that the technicolor’s fading from the new horizon
Rainbow lost its bow — became just rain
and all the world is insane

There’s a ton of shit to do but not a second left to do it
and it’s no excuse . . . to say that everyone goes through it
all the earmarks — of an eyesore
and all the world wants more

Venus retrograde and the queen of diamonds
on a star-crossed lookout in the Scottish highlands
the signs are there; large as life
all you gotta do is look
it’s a rain-check ending with the girl forlorn
an S&M a bridal on a unicorn
the signs are there; yes, the signs are there

don’t play it by the book
cause we’re picking up some speed
thanks a lot
we’ve come so very far
don’t play it by the book
something else is what we need
here’s the hand
holding up the stars

It’s a sunset town and the sheriff’s dead
Maybe Bobby Marley shot him; least that’s what he said
Now it’s terror mixed with riots and a lot of of smoke
And all the world’s a joke.

They say God Almighty’s dead, no I don’t believe it
just a temporary coma and the thieves are thieving
so we need some love and just a whale of a hand
leviathan — du jour

Mars with pedal to the metal and the King of hearts
Black kitty crossed the hi way toppled apple carts
the signs are there; much bigger than a life
all you gotta do is look
You cash the rain check, but the girl’s. still. sad.
horny horse gone pro FULLY leather clad
let me share my philosophy:

don’t play it by the book
cause we’re picking up some speed
thanks a lot
we’ve come so very far
don’t play it by the book
something else is what we need
here’s the hand
holding up the stars

(Maybe) Maybe someday
(someday) the storm will pass us
no more raging
twisting turmoil
(Maybe) Maybe someday
(someday) calmer weather
happy people
feeling better

don’t play it by the book
cause we’re picking up some speed
thanks a lot
we’ve come so very far
don’t play it by the book
something else is what we need
here’s the hand
holding up the stars


Hail to Queen Elizabeth! :thumbsup:

And the songs not to bad either! :wink:



I’m feeling the love @Manny_FTGUTube! Thanks bro!