Around The World in 40 Strains

Over the past few years, I have collected approx 40 strains from various origins (bag seed, ILGM, other vendors, freebies from cannafests, etc.) but have only grown a few of them to fruition. Therefore, to start off a (hopefully better) new year, I am going to grow a female plant of each variety (best I can, only have one or two seeds of some strains so kicking fate here) in 2023. This is an ambitious undertaking, pretty much expect to not fully succeed but I am gonna try! I have planted a few choices already to start with the first harvest date on Jan 1, 2023, and to have successive harvest until Dec 31, 2023. So to make my quota, that’s 3-5 strains harvested every month for 12 months. Therefore, this grow will prominently feature the fantastic Solo Cup. That’s right, these following strains are going Red (cup, that is…).
The ones in italics I have already grown successfully

Apple Fritter
Original Blueberry
The Flav
SLH x OB (only one seed-happy accident from last grow) in soil now!
Blue Dream
Hash Plant
Lemon Pineapple
Scooby Snacks
Jäger Kush
Texada Timewarp
Super Lemon Haze
Sour Diesel
White Rhino
White Widow
Power Plant
Jack Herer
Gold Leaf (none grew)
Orange Bud
Critical Mass CBD in soil now!
Suver haze CBD
*Geist OG *
Sour Apple
V8 in soil now!
Northern Lights
Purple Buddha
Alaska Thunder Fuck
Blue Zkittles
Purple Kush
Afghan #1
Castaway Cookies
Grape Ape (only one seed)
Great White Shark (on order)
Sin Trabajo (on order)
Purport Uno CBD (on order)
Fire OG (male, only seed)
Bag Seed Allstar aka Thorium OG
Bag Seed #1
Bag Seed #2
Bag Seed #3
Free Seed #1
Free Seed #2

Pretty sure this is all of them, will update list if I realize I missed some.
Will update as I go along.
I have all these great genetics, I should see what they can do.
An all level playing field: indoor grow, HPS lights, FoxFarms soils, nutes and shooting powder as grow indicates.

Time to play.


Watching! :eyes:


Wow that’s a lot of seeds a choice I would have a hard time with good luck


What an interesting goal!

I’d like to pull up a chair and watch.

By the way, the Alaska Thunder Fuck is the best one by name. :rofl: :rofl:


Dont start out with the expectation of failure. The universe is conspiring to give you what you intend to have. So, expect to see extreme sucess, your dilligence will bring it to you.

Gotta go a lil Yoda here…Do or do not, there is no try.

If the universe gives you a dude, it so you can bag a pollen pouch and pollinate a future female for your adventure in cannabis breeding.

You might consider these instead, solo cups are notorious for being knocked over due to their smaller bottom and wider top, in flower you may have to water twice a day this could help reduce that a little and is far less likely to get knocked over.

This is a great way to Make Agriculture Great Again for you. It will make the ATF happy too. (ATF is a cross of Sarah Palin and Northern Lights)
Too political? I hope not, no offense or political commentary intended.


Most definitely. @CoyoteCody may make 3D printed bases to hold those babies vertical too, though, iirc.


All in to watch Growmie :love_you_gesture:


Thanks for the support and guidance, all! The solo cups are pretty top heavy towards the end. I have clay pots I can put them in but the grow room is only so big. But I figure I’ll get a few started and see what happens. Also forgot a couple strains in the list, had to do an update. I should just call this grow Around the World in 40 Strains :laughing:

adding: God Bud
Ethos freebie
Bubba Kush x Floral Wife cross

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thats my jam right there!

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I have a few designs including this one


Now see, thats just a brilliant yet simple and effective solution.


This is V8 at 5 weeks, starting to have some suspicious looking growth…dude possibility

Bubba Kush x Floral Wife, took a chomp from a worm but recovering, about two weeks in

Fire OG, a male of 5 weeks of “flowering” an auto with a fairly early and prolific production of pollen, hence his outdoor accommodations.


Critical Mass CBD about 6 weeks in, started flowering two weeks ago

The Flav, two beans sprouted, waiting to see some ID

And the new recruits!
Grape Ape, God Bud, Scooby Snacks, Lemon Pineapple, Purple Buddha


What are you doing for lighting?


While seedlings, LED and a 15000lux “happy light” I had lying around, they do a great job in seedling stage. For flower a Gorilla commercial HPS.
I moved the little ones to natural light for their glamor shots :slight_smile:


Lanky and branchless suggest not enough light during veg. Might want to increase the amount and/or intensity during veg.
Whats a happy light?

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They were fluorescent lights sold about 20 years ago, super bright, marketed for seasonal affective disorder. I had to do some pruning of the V8 because of insect damage when I had them outside while on vacation so a little thinner than I’d like. But agreed, they usually have much better growth. New recruits will be all inside.

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This is a link to one of the most popular and informative threads here on the boards. It is extensive and all about fine tuning your lighting.
It discusses what kinda light, a free way to measure your light and lighting requirements for each stage of growth. Some about autos and some about photos all good insight no matter what kind of cannabis your growing.

@Nicky is a skilled grower and has alwYs responded when I have asked a question.
I know you said you have been growing already for a min, so you prolly already know about this but can never have too much infornation.


Always looking for improvement! Thanks for the info! My smartphone is not that smart, kinda remedial, actually :smiley: Best I can do is a lux meter

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