Around how much bud will i get?


Around how much bud woukd i get if i started to flower now?
The plant is around 10 inches


Not much :confused:


hard to say im sorry…
if you use techniques like LST & SCROG…u can hit half gramm/ Watt
FE: 200 Watt HPS/ 100g buds = dry material 50g


Its bagseed so idk the strain and i have 4 cfls at 1200 6500k


i would say, more light, more buds…
try to grow outside or balkony or garden. u can get a really big bush


You’ll need bloom lights. If you flip to flower now, you’ll probably get less than 14grams. If you had several others, you could do a sea of green, and then you’d get a decent yield.

Let it go for at least 4 wks in veg.


bloom lights like led for flower are damn cheap


If lucky a half oz


suggest you support plant with small stake or bamboo skewers and pipe cleaners loosely looped around the stem.