Aroma of buds beginning to change

This is my first grow. My one plant is only 22" tall, but every branch is loaded down with thick buds. The aroma has been intoxicating; heavy, sweet and citrus. I’m entering week 7 of the bloom, and the odor seems to be changing. No longer so sweet, maybe a little funky. I have not read that there is a change in aroma as the buds mature. Is this something to be expected?


Yes this is something to expect, they are starting to mature


Yes the smell changes and will change again during curing process it sounds like your good

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What’s the point of so much odor from a plant that pollinates by the wind? :wink:

At this point it depends on if the plant is feminized hermie or male, feminized plants need an aid of other plants to help pollinate.

Hermie plants dont, and no one wants a plant with no smell, smell is now taken into another factor.

Smell comes from terpines and terpenoids, and different nt strains have different smells helping us notice these different you traits in plants its know it be aromatherapy

It is a survival tactic. All aspects of the plant can be linked back to the 2 core common motivations for all life: self preservation, procreation.

All through it’s life the plant has an ever increasing bitterness to its flavor, and an odor that gets more rank. These are to ward off predation, and preserve the plant long enough to reproduce.