Aroma and trichomes not materializing

Been in flower for three weeks. How long should it take?

Give the preflowering area a light shake n rub a fan leaf or two in the morning. Alot of strains smell even in veg. But that wont exactly be there taste. The most important thing to do for flavor and smell is temperature control and the drying curing process. While still growing ive noticed my girls smell the most just when the lights come on

My lady is outside in Florida. Temp control is not an option. Should I put it in the shade at this stage to let it finish?

Better picture sorry.


@Beacgdawg, flowering can take 30-60 days. Are you growing photo or autoflowering?
From the pic, you are in early flowering stage. I’d say another 6-8 weeks.

@raustin @Nug-bug

Yes you have loads of flower time to go. Buds are still mostly just calyx. Be patient. And a bit of shade during this part (1 pm here) of the day (most intense light) would absolutely help. Do you see the ‘taco’ curling shape ur leaves are making. That is heat/light stress. So i highly recommend shading. If only from noon to 4 pm

Thank you, so much, for the specific information. Been burning since ‘68, but never had much interest growing. I thought they were almost ready. A friend gave me three seeds, so I have no idea what this is. It looks beautiful and fixin’ to get in the shade till sunrise. Thanks again. Will shoot you more pics in a couple weeks.

You’ve got lots of time, weeks to go yet. Those boys will double, or triple in size.

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I wouldn’t worry about shade.
High heat can mess things up during the later stages of flowering, but you have a long way to go. At least another 8 weeks by my guess.

Looks good :+1:

Thanks to you, and everyone for the feedback.

My last girl didn’t smell until Week 6 of flower, but once the aroma came it was strong.

Leaf type is full sativa. Looks really compact and short. Any idea if it’s an auto?
Oh yeah…let her grow…let her grow. She looks healthy and she has a long way to go.

I got 3 seeds from a friend. She didn’t know what they came from. Was going to germinate the other 2 in February, especially with the current results. Maybe will do on now since we don’t have frost here. Any thoughts on fall planting?

@tanlover442 when should I switch from mrcl grow to bloom feed?

same time as change to bloom/flower cycle.

Now then. Tks. Will change over in the coming week!

Yup. Taper the grow down as u crank the bloom up.

N depends on ur location. Most of the northern hemisphere the day hours are shifting and you are too late to attempt a photo period plant. If u had an auto it may work. Also if u have a grow area inside with adequate lighting u can do it

Have about 4 weeks to go. Changed to bloom fert and started getting brown tips. Straight up rainwater now. Think she’ll be ok?

It’s just a little nute burn, they’ll be ok. Just give water for now.

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Thanks you guys have been greatx!

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