Army of fungus gnats

Been having trouble killing the gnats I have a small cup of marsala wine that they can drown in but they lay eggs in the soil

Its kinda hard to see the gnats, there is mold in the dirt but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything to the plant. Any help would be great :v:

Try to let your top soil dry more frequently and sprinkle some diatomaceous earth on the top inches.

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Theres is a lot of dried up balls of dirt on top I guess that’s the first thing to get rid of

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Are you using some kind of moisture retention soil? Too much moisture is generally the reason for fungus gnats. Food grade diatomaceous earth on the top soil layer will usually nuke them.

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I’ll try to get that asap, any particular brands you like ?

Never used it but is available pretty much everywhere.

@JerseyKush19 Mold in the soil and gnats, probably from overwatering. How often do you water? Only water when that pot is light.

Although I’ve never tried this, I’ve seen people have success killing gnats in the soil with 3% hydrogen peroxide, ratio of 1:4 peroxide to water.

diatomaceous earth Like others have said

Get yourself some sticky traps


Also looks like your growing in miracle grow? These little capsules are filled with slow release fertilizer, as you water they soften up and release into the soil, this could be a problem.


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@Dave101 is right. U need to dry the soil out. What I have done is spray some diluted neem on the soil. I never spray in leaves, unless I have to and the plant is mature at least.
Also, that is slow release soil. Take it from me, you have to find an opportunity to do some pre flushing with those beads in there, preferable before late stages of flower. And be careful adding extra nutes, as nutes already bleed out from your soil mix everytime you water, u may burn the plant with extra feeds.
What I have learned is most mg soils are ok for autos especially in early stages. But there is too much nitrogen in them for the flowering stage, so you have to do a flush when it starts flowering and another few flushes at the end of the plants life… Which may be an issue if you are already over watering, yikes homi!
And hopefully you used a three month slow release rather then the 6 month soils… Which I have done. I’m not an expert at growing, just an expert at making mistakes and trying not to repeat them

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So I just need to transplant it in better soil ?

How old is the plant? I wouldn’t transplant, but maybe someone disagrees. What kind of soil is it?

It was miracle grow but it said organic the plants are only a month old and are pretty healthy

Word up, the organic miracle grow is usually only 2 or three month feed. U are good, mg isn’t that bad, just careful when u add nutes. Lower the recommended dosage and number of feeds to the plant as it already has a slow release feed in it.

Ok I’ll water less than normal and see how it goes from there

Sand on top in your pot about 2cm deep.