Army of AUTOS (outdoor)

Day 11
Couple of days more and they move in to better home. Hope so that home is outside. Weather is not so warm yet… :sleeping:


Day 19 AoA’s

4 WW’s is smallest.
:musical_note:I saw the sun.:sunny: Preparing.

And BIG ones TOO!

But Again WW has some problems.

No bud production.
Same age OG kush

Same Olds autos. Are ww budding so much longer or I overdo some GH go box two ways nutes(thrive&bloom) +gh bio bud. Some lock out minerals. I have shitty hard water too 440 tds.
First that’s signs on ww

You call THAT drop some BEANS man.

My beans count is 52 :slight_smile: regulars. Survival of the fittest. Bagseeds, etc…


go big,or go home!!

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Hell of a sun. 43.8 was highes/ under 20RH.
Not so good veggi photos? I sprayed them couple of times (foliar).
Now I want to move my little ones, big ones, everyone’s to my new cheapo greenhouse what arrived today.

But nights are still so cold/humid. Yesterday 2c night and 40 day. Day under 20rh and night over 95rh. What kind of weather is that? :confounded:

Are someone telling me something grow in greenhouse? First time try. Haha. I think I cut holes in greenhouse anyway.

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Is OK to put outdr 5gal/20L pots?
@BIGE @bob31 @garrigan62 @Bogleg @Buzzardhicks @Nug-bug @Kcdaniels @Countryboyjvd1971


sure it is @beginner2d happy birthday!

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Thanks. 5g/20L is enough? OK, hope so. 2 months and I see myself :rofl:
Hope they don’t overgrow

Outside that’s the smallest I would go. Usually 7-20

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Happy birthday…
And yes it’s ok

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Happy birthday, @beginner2d!

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Thx, U mean gallons :smile: is there so much difference?

Thank you :sunglasses:

Ok, now I go with 5Gal, but next summer session I go with 11gal. Try to do 3 auto in very short summer. First patch veg indoor and last flowering time indoor. Must go :crazy_face:

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WW struggling, what’s wrong?

OG is turning purple

Crystal&GL 70d veg.

54 bagseeds turn out 6 survivor and they are better grower than ilgm seeds BTW. BB/BG/WW fails. Idk what went wrong…

Graveyard, fenomen is jiffy pots. Shitty pots.

New bio equipment =)

Better dirt too this time.

@Donaldj , could you diagnose the above pictures please?


You could check that chart until he is able to respond…

It’s probably end of line. Pic was taken day 70 from sprout. Nitrogen is goin to food. And there’s cold nights what causes probably stems little purple. And I have never add cal-mag. Epsom salt what I add yesterday with cal hydroxide has some help. It’s look like magnesium def. I now wait and then I see.


sounds about right fall colors with some tip burn

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But we have spring yet. :palm_tree:

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