Armor si silica

Im on week 3 of veg and i was wondering if i can start silica with just calmag since the plants are still feeding off the soil and if so do i mix the silica before calmag or it does not matter…i know its has to be mixed before the nutrients are added

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I do Silica first then Calmag…

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Yes silica 1st then calmag just remember tho if you are doing any type of training on your plants id recommend making sure you have them where you want before using silica once she starts uptaking the silica her branches will get stiff and hard to bend


Yea i was reading that just finished up all the toppings

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How many ml do you use

I use 2 tsp or 10 mL per 4 gallons

The feeding chart for the nutes I use recommends against using potassium silicate with cal-mag in the same feeding. Their guide says it’s highly reactive with other nutes and needs to be fed to the plant immediate if mixed with them.

I feed with nutrients and cal-mag every other day, and feed water + potassium silicate only on the other days.

This stuff is good though. I had a branch break when installing a trellis, and now it’s back to standing upright with one of the biggest kolas on the plant.

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@kropotsmokin so I have never heard of this before, which brand are you using?

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Don’t forget to pH your water after the silica is mixed in. Then add nutes, then cal mag and pH again.


Emerald Harvest. Look up Sturdy Stalk on their product guide and feeding charts.

Once i start feeding with jacks i will stop adding in calmag i only do it now because im using ro water

100%. Adding it pushes up the ph on my water by at least 2 points.

I did and it does state this…I need to research this because I have been doing both for 2 years now in hydro with no bad effects that I can see…


The schedule i will be using


absolutely use your nutrient supplier schedule and adjust to your grow…

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You won’t have any effects in hydro with cal mag and armor si or whatever brand silica. Just need to mix everything right. I use both in my res and not any problems in 3 years @Retiredoldguy.

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Is there a an autoflower schedule?

Woops guess it doesn’t really matter, they take the same thing from veg to flower

I use 1.5 ml of armor si per gallon. I always put it in the night before so it has time to dissipate in the water. It needs at least an hour before you add other nutrients. This is not a method I came up with, as usual it’s from Dr. Coco


I just ordered and received my GH Armor si Silica today and will be using it for my next watering. I’m a newbie to using it and was curious, should I be using it every time I water or skip a watering between. Have a ILGM Blue dream in 15gallon in Mother Earth Ground swell (Greenhouse) and a ILGM Bruce Banner in a 5gallon in tent into week 5 of flower in MotherEarth CocoPeat.