Argh! Bud Rot / Mold Close to Harvest?

First grow with lots of mistakes and learning experiences. Not it seems I’m fighting mold / bud rot just before harvest?

I left town for 5 day and came back to my problem.

Sprayed this morning with 50/50 peroxide and water.

I assume I need to cut out all the bad spots? Should I continue to let her mature after that or go ahead and harvest. I know I’ll need to do a bud wash.

Advise greatly appreciated.

  • Seed: Do-si-dos, Photo, from ILGM
  • Vessel: Coco + Perlite, 5 gal fabric pot
  • Nutrition: Jacks 321 + Silica + epsom salt
  • PH of Water: ~ 59
  • PPM: 1100 going in (no runoff test)
  • Environment: Outdoor
  • Location: Southern US, hot and humid. 80%+
  • Temps: Upper 70s - 80s

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Not sure why photos didn’t load

Any help is appreciated

From NYS to SC I found that bud rot/mold will be a constant issue doing the outdoor thing.Never did indoor.
Any way I use a 1 to 4 mix of hydrogen peroxide to water mix before the humidity/rain season,which comes at the worst possible time.I treat the girls 2x a week with a spray bottle before the wet season shows .it doesn’t prevent it completely but it helps.I have much less rot.I’m in the last week and I’ve only found one spot of rot thus far.It was a very small amount.
One must be very diligent to check every part of the plant.I also use a leaf blower from a good distance to help shed any water.
Everyone has their own way of dealing with issues but this has worked for me since the 70’s.
With the finish line so close it’s better to have some than none.In the past I’ve taken some and let the rest ride out to finish.Sometimes you win but Good old Mother Nature can be tuff .


Thanks for the reply

I’ll carefully remove any rot and dead leaves.

May harvest some and dry.

Very disappointed. My first grow and I babied it for a long time

Sorry to see it. I don’t grow outdoors. It is too hard with bugs and weather. I recently had a small amount of mold on an indoor plant. I aggressively trimmed out affected parts and did a peroxide wash. With these steps I was able to put harvesting off till she was ready.
Good luck


Hope this helps you clean up your product that is salvageable.