Areefa, Gladis, and Pattee: 600W LED Closet Grow

Alright guys this is technically my 3rd grow. My first was in a self made modified trashcan that was destroyed before harvest. Sadness was harbored for 2 years before My second grow, which was a 500W CFL grow in my closet and I had one successful plant from seed to harvest that took 16 weeks with a 22g yield after cure.

This too will be a closet grow,maybe 3’x2’x7’, but I am now using a Phlizon 600W LED Full Spectrum Light with veg and bloom switches, on a timed system. I will be growing in soil, which is the only medium I am comfortable with at this point.

My previous grows did not include the use of nutrients. Only distilled water and miracle grow potting soil.

This time, I am using Happy Frog soil, and fox farm grow big and tiger bloom nutes.

My goal is 6 ounces, from 6 months total growing. 2 ounces per plant, 3 total plants. I am training and managing growth using LST and topping methods.

Although using nutes I am using fractional real-time dosages. Don’t want to risk over doing it.

This is my first time topping and actually pruning/clipping/injuring the plant on purpose.

I am totally impressed with the resiliency of these strains, and unfortunately they are bag seed that I don’t know for sure what they were. I was told Cherry OG. But all 3 are clearly different strains.

One of them even began with a slight mutation that it has now grown out of. Here I will start with the earliest pics and try to post chronologically up til today, which I think I am approaching the end of my 6th week.

I am open to any and all suggestions, and I thank you for reading my Grow diary!


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So far so good! Had me worried at the start with the double in a pot. It works. Just doesn’t maximize the plant imho. Anyways… the girls look healthy! Green n bushy. Keep up the good work. Watching over here in my corner.

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Yeah 2 in 1 pot is just not the move! The mutant was and is outgrowing both of them because of the setback of transplanting but it’s ok now!

Thanks so much for checking out my grow and thanks for staying tuned!

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