Are you immune to thc?

I have a buddy that can’t get high. At all… we’ve tried everything but he never gets even the hint of a buzz. Anyone else? I think I’m gonna get him some shrooms to see what happens but they’re a little hard to get in my neck of the woods

I was the same when I was a teen. I hung out with a bunch of dudes that did little more than hang out and get high all the time. At the time it never affected me. Now is different. A couple of hits and I’m toast and ready to call it a night.

He can grow them. It can get a little overwhelming when you first start, but once you get it down it becomes routine. I suggest starting slow when taking them for the first time. A shroom trip can be overwhelming if you don’t have the set and setting right.


Thanks for the info, I’ll give it a read later. Lol, this poor guy just wants to catch a buz!


Tried strong gummies, thc candy etc ?

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Yep! Have tried just about everything except for stuff like dabs which I don’t mess with so he’s outta luck with that over here. It’s just so strange. I’m mean everyone else in the room is completely cheesed and he’s stone cold sober. No effect at all