Are Wedding cake Auto’s feminized?

My ILGM Wedding Cake Auto is herming out on me. I didn’t do anything to her, no defoliation, no topping, only light tucking/coaxing of branches for light and airflow. What are the odds this is gonna happen as I pop this strain of seed? I’ve used 3 of 20 so far.

Tbh, I do add a lot of d earth on my topsoil, but I only use ph-tested purified water. I don’t think I did anything bad to the plant. I think she just turned on her own accord.

Should I plant another seed right away to replace her or just stick with one of my original 2? I kinda hate to evict her at all, like maybe she’s not a boy and I’m just paranoid? Should I completely start over, since one probably pollinated the other? I wanted to have a green Christmas. I hate buying weed, but it doesn’t grow fast enough for me.


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Genetically the hermie trait is an all cannabis. It ensures the plant will survive no matter what.
But the degree to which it is repressed is different in every single seed. Some individual plants will herm if you look at the sideways and others you can stomp nearly to death and they will do fine.
Autos seem more prone perhaps due to the ruderalis genetics introduced to give it the autoflower ability.
If it keeps it up even after plucking off the male flowers then you may just want to start a new one.
How far along is your plant right now?

She’s about 5 weeks. She’s def hermed, right? I’m not being paranoid. There’s a ball at the bottom and feathers on top sacs

Definitely a male flower. Male flowers will have that little stem on them.
Remove it. Its not open yet so you might be ok. Watch out for more.
Female flowers will have a couple little white hairs coming out of them.

I’ve had 2 autos that started throwing full blown male flowers right at the end of transition. I picked them off the first and ended up with 3oz of good buds. The other is going now. Cuts the 2 stems that had them, and she is flowering her butt off now.


Ty for confirming. I nipped out her obvious testicles, but as long as I don’t see too many nanners on the Bud sites I’d say I’ve smoked worse.

Can anyone confirm is wedding cake auto is supposed to be feminized or are autos generally not feminized?


Autos can be regular or feminized.
ILGM only sells feminized.


Ya, if you order ILGM, auto or photoperiods, they are feminized. You see more autos tend to herm than photos because of the ruderalis gene. Well, that’s my theory at least. I think the automatic flowering kind of jolts them more than they like sonetimes. Looking for nanners and male flowers is almost as fun as looking for tiny caterpillars or other plant muchers outside!